Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Their stories

With our new homeschooling venture, the warmth of our home is more important to me than ever. We spend a lot of time here! I found this new picture at a quaint little store the other day and couldn't resist. When I feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or exhausted, I will remind myself that "this is where their story begins". And I am a major, MAJOR character! Even though God is the author, He gives me some control over the plot. What will they remember of my facial expressions, my affection, my words, the activities I choose for us? What beginning chapters will they take into adulthood? Will they leave our home and enter the world already wounded (by us, their parents)?
This is where their story begins...and I have the responsibility (by God's continually grace and guidance alone) to make the setting as beautiful, warm and loving as my mind can imagine. This encompasses their physical, emotional, and spiritual surroundings.
Lord, give me the strength, imagination, grace and love to provide a beautiful setting for the story YOU have chosen for my children! I can give them nothing good apart from You!

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Anonymous said...

Renee, I'm so excited about this quote cause Isabel has suddenly had a major missing "home" attack. Tonight we talked about home is where you hang your hat. And home is where your heart is. But I'm so excited to share this with her- that God is using her home here, far away from the home she is missing, as a part of her story that he has written just for her. Thanks for sharing. Miss you friend! Rebecca