Sunday, August 17, 2008

My peeps

Burgers and the park on a Saturday night
Freeze tag and hide-and-seek never get old

Her first time to wear pigtails, a great combo with her tu-tu

Our heart throb

Our Hemingway


Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

What sweet pictures of your kids!! Each one is captured so thoughtfully as to creatively highlight each personality! Well done!

Can't help but ADORE the one of sweet baby girl in her pig tails!! :) PRECIOUS!!

proudgrits11 said...

Hi, Renee!! I'll poke around soon but for now, SURE--use the name!! I plan to homeschool eventually so I may use it, too, long as we're not on the same fieldtrips, we should be fine!! :) That's what homeschooling is all about, eh? Giving them Roots and Wings!! I love it! :)
P.S. I grew up in Jacksonville, FL so my southern roots are deep!! I didn't find my wings until I moved to AZ 10 years ago, though!! I'm so blessed to have both!

Heidi said...

Do you happen to have a close-up of your book cover collage in your school room? I would love to share a photo with my readers in an upcoming post!