Monday, June 08, 2015

Road trip: Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio

We decided to kick off the summer with a road trip!  I love packing up the kids and heading for an adventure with my best friend husband!  We decided to head to Mammoth Caves on our way to the Creation Museum in Kentucky.  They were absolutely breathtaking!

We really enjoyed the Creation Museum. Such a refreshing point of view!  We spend the entire day in the museum, petting zoo, and gardens.  All of us enjoyed it very much.

Then we decided to head a little further north and see Cinncinnatti, Ohio.  We really jus wanted to be able to say that we had visited Ohio!  It was a very fun downtown area that we enjoyed for the day.

Fun German celebration!
The Ohio River was down below the park we hiked!
On the way back we stopped in Nashville to have lunch and see the Parthenon recreation.  I enjoyed it more than anyone because I have taught Greek and Roman history for the past three years at school.  But the children were pretty fascinated, as well. 

We all love to travel and the kids do so well in the car.  We listened to a couple of audio books and enjoyed the view!  It makes me VERY excited for homeschooling and many more of these 4 o 5 day fun trips in our near future!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Good bye classroom!

My room was cleaned out and empty by the end of the last day of school.  I sat in there for a long time and prayed and shed a few tears. I am so excited to be at home full time with my children , homeschooling again.  But it is still so hard to leave.  I have loved teaching in this little room. I have LOVED the precious friends and families I met.  It is hard to walk away, even though it is exciting to regain the time for my family. I was just a huge mix of emotions.

 So my husband encouraged me to spend some time alone over the weekend. I went to a local public garden area and soaked up God's beauty and goodness. I just prayed, cried a little, and took some long breaths.  These mixed emotions are a lot.  But I am eager and ready to follow Him!

Love the cross shadow cast on this bench where I was sitting.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Awards day at school

Lydie Joy got the character award of "Most Hospitable", which I thought was darling.  She also earned all A honor roll, perfect attendance, and the Six Flags Reading Award. 

Jackson received awards for his score on the national Latin exam. He received a silver medal for a very exceptional score. He also received a Pro Merito award from his Composition teacher for his excellence in writing. Jack made the A and B honor roll this year. He worked so hard this year and we are so proud of him!

Joshua received Pro Merito awards in History, Grammar, Latin, Math, and Literature. He also received an award for his score on the AMC Math test and the national Latin exam. Joshua made the all A honor roll this year. We are so proud of how well he did in 6th grade!

Poppy was proud of his grandsons!

Our two wonderful boys!