Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break Staycation

We crawled across the finish line of winter quarter and into spring break.  Wow, it has been a busy, cold winter!  As always, and even more so, I am so eager for spring.  I struggle to enjoy the season of winter every year!  We had some beautiful moments, though.

I had a list "a mile long" of neglected projects and fun ideas, too.  Unfortunately, Jack got strep throat mid-week.  So we had some fun times but some things had to be cancelled.  The home time was disappointing for the children, but such a blessing to me!  When you are a teacher who LOVES homemaking, you can hardly ever get enough time at home.  So I was secretly excited, but hated that it had to be at the expense of Jack being sick and the children's foiled plans!

Anna, Greyce, and Lydie had a lemonade stand!
It was so adorable!
This is what made me completed projects list!
Organized, cleaned closets....CHECK!
Organized pantry....CHECK!
Organized and clean frig....CHECK!
House deep cleaned....CHECK!
Put away winter clothes that were too small....CHECK!
Spring clothes that were too small were taken to charity or consignment....CHECK!
New spring clothes were bought....CHECK!
Lydie's Easter dress was bought and sent to monogram....CHECK!
Car was washed, organized, restocked with essentials....CHECK!
Framed some favorite photos to add to some rooms....CHECK!
Basement was organized....CHECK!
Laundry all caught up and put away....CHECK!
Goals were made for house projects this summer....CHECK!
And finally I am so thrilled to have....PAINTED MY POWDER ROOM!
Thankfully my sweet children made some fun memories, too!  We used a gift certificate Joshua won as a door prize a while back and went to play mini golf.  Also, our cousins came and spent the day and the girls made a lemonade stand.  This project was darling!  We rented a few movies and the kids played all kinds of games.  We saw grandparents on both sides for lunches.  And we met cousins and went to a new movie and the dollar theatre.  The children really wanted to have friends over, but it didn't work out. I think they still had fun.

It feels so amazing to begin spring organized, without so many things I need to attend to.  I am hoping to enjoy my family, friends, students, and our new church this spring.  I am looking forward to these last eight weeks of school, our Easter party, and warm weather!
"April hath put a spirit of youth in everyone!"
William Shakespeare

Monday, March 17, 2014

Revisiting resolutions...progress in February

1. Read a chapter daily in the Bible and another book from my book list, at least. I am doing awful with quiet times!  Prayer and the Word...going to improve, by God's grace!
2. Use my camera often. Blog at least once a week. Much improvement in February.
3. Go on some type of date, even for coffee, with my husband once a month, at least. Yes, I think we have been on a date.  I think I'll plan another one now!
4. Take one of the children somewhere special once a month. Each child gets four special dates.  Joshua and I went to the mall and for dessert.  Lydie and I are going to the SEC gymnastics meet on Saturday.  And Andy and Jack just got concert tickets.  We've finally begun to enjoy some one-one-one time together!
5. Follow my fitness plan. (Use my fitband to follow plan. 40 week challenge) Again, I am most pleased with this area. I have lost 26 pounds since December 26th.  I am exercising each week six times and eating healthy/drinking water.  It has been a huge time commitment to exercise this much, but it will be worth it!  I hope to start the next school year at my ideal weight.
6. Be intentional with extended family relationships. We have had wonderful time with both sides of our family- cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  And soon it will be Easter and then birthday season begins!  There will be many family get-togethers!
7. Spend more "fun time" with friends. Join a Bible study. I had a fun night with friends over spring break, and love working with my close friends every day.  I also have a secret trip planned.  I will not be joining a Bible study until the school year is over.
8. Try 4 big art projects this year.  This area will be neglected until I get to my ideal weight, probably.
9. Complete at least 5 house projects.
-Paint powder room Check!
-Hang chandelier in kitchen and Lydie's room
-Hallway collage
-Master bedroom makeover
-Hang more pictures in basement
*Maybe...paint kitchen cabinets* *
10. Complete all papers for level 1 classical education certification. I am working on it!

-DAILY Bible reading