Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is it bed time yet?

We had a doozy of a day. But with much prayer and determination to choose joy, we ended well. Long story short, we had unplanned trips to the doctor and dentist. The results: sinus infection and absessed tooth. This has not been a good tooth year for me.
We came up for air from our first week of home school and had a marvelous play date with the boys' best buds. We have taken the rigorous academics that I have chosen for the year, and broken them up through out the day with many, long breaks. As a result, we have not actually finished our last subject until around 4:00 each day. But it works for us and the kids get plenty of exercise when they need it and the weather is best. And if something fun is going on with friends, we can join them. In general, we are enjoying it all so much! By the grace of God, I am finding flexibility to be liberating. I want to find a balance this year of being purposeful and organized with goals but also flexible and understanding. Only three days into our year I am realizing that this balance takes constant prayer and discernment. I am quite certain that I will learn much, much more than my children this year!
*Pictured above: The boys enjoyed making their (sugar cube) step pyramids. History is the highlight of the day for Jaybird and me. Toot loves math the best, but really enjoys these hands-on projects.


Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

WOW! Good for you to be able to learn flexibility so early on in the year! :) That will take you far!

Sorry that you had to go back to the dentist...hope you're ok now!

Keep up the great work with your sweet peas!

Anonymous said...

Puh-lease tell me you do not have an absessed tooth. What a saga. What a dentist. ;)

And was that your sinus infection, too? Oh, heavens, I hope not...

Hope tomorrow is lots better.