Monday, June 29, 2015

Father's day: 2015

This man is the sweetest. Hard worker, patient, loving. He listens to us go on and on and hugs and kisses away all of our woes. And he is so extremely introverted.  Bless his soul. I know we stretch him in so many ways.  But  he is surely loved and appreciated.  Thank you, sweetheart, for your precious heart and giving so sacrificially. We adore you.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Road trip: Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio

We decided to kick off the summer with a road trip!  I love packing up the kids and heading for an adventure with my best friend husband!  We decided to head to Mammoth Caves on our way to the Creation Museum in Kentucky.  They were absolutely breathtaking!

We really enjoyed the Creation Museum. Such a refreshing point of view!  We spend the entire day in the museum, petting zoo, and gardens.  All of us enjoyed it very much.

Then we decided to head a little further north and see Cinncinnatti, Ohio.  We really jus wanted to be able to say that we had visited Ohio!  It was a very fun downtown area that we enjoyed for the day.

Fun German celebration!
The Ohio River was down below the park we hiked!
On the way back we stopped in Nashville to have lunch and see the Parthenon recreation.  I enjoyed it more than anyone because I have taught Greek and Roman history for the past three years at school.  But the children were pretty fascinated, as well. 

We all love to travel and the kids do so well in the car.  We listened to a couple of audio books and enjoyed the view!  It makes me VERY excited for homeschooling and many more of these 4 o 5 day fun trips in our near future!