Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quiet Halloween

Merida and our 50s girl braved the rain for candy together
This years the boys had no interest in Halloween. I think Halloween is really silly. But still, it feels weird that they are too old to participate. They were actually going to go to a campfire/party, but it was rained out. So just Lydie and I went to trick or treat with friends. It was rainy and her cute saddle Oxfords rubbed a fierce blister on her heel. So we were done in an hour. The kids ate the candy for about a day and the rest just stared up at me for weeks until I threw it out. Weird.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Zombie run

The 5K Zombie run is a favorite. They run through dark woods and get chased by zombies. Awesome. They are learning endurance, discipline, and so much more. Cross country is a great sport for kids! Jack's time was 24:32 and Joshua's was 24:38. Hard work is paying off! My favorite quote from tonight was when Jack said, "I don't need a medal. I have the pride of my family." My boy.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


It seems like between raising three kiddos and his traveling work schedule, many of our conversations these days start with "Could you help me.... or would you pray for ....". Thankful for a night of goofball challenges. "Hey babe, how long can you keep a clothespin on your lip? OHH...try your nose!"  I'll take it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A little art

Finally, art time! Splatter painted owl
I find with every passing week it becomes harder to find time for the non-essentials like art projects. This is definitely not my intention, as these little projects are great fun for us and great conversation time, too. I am certain that December and the other winter months will give us much more time for these fun times. Until then, treasuring each one!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Museums with friends

We rode about an hour away with friends to check out a couple of museums together. Our entire co-op went, which was a lot of fun for the kids. It was a great day, and always a welcomed relief to take a day away from the work and books and just look and learn together. So thankful that one of my dearest friends took the plunge from teaching in the classroom to homeschooling this same year with me. Her encouragement is balm to my soul every single week. Loved our day with her and her girls!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Chester's bed

Just finished A Cricket in Times Square with Lydie. She read a page, I read a page, and on and on each day until the end. She made Chester's matchbox bed and decorated the Kleenex bed cover herself. So fun! This book was a childhood favorite, as was our next book, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. Love these days with this precious, creative girl!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Dad and Harper Lee

My Dad is always full of surprises! He and Mom took us out to dinner tonight. I was telling him that I started a book club and we just read Harper Lee' s newly released book. He said, "Granddaddy and I used to fish with her all the time." Apparently she had a cabin near Mr. Jaffey's, Granddaddy's employer, on the coast. He said Harper Lee was a great fisherman and an excellent poker player. He had funny stories of her kicking Mr. Jaffey out of the boat once. Granddaddy had to drive the boat and the vehicles to ensure everyone's safety! Crazy! Wish I could ask Granddaddy for more details. So many untold adventures!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 10th- 24 years ago

When I was Jack's age, October 10, 1991, I had the most terrifying night of my life. Traumatic brain injury, icu, broken bones, gashes and bruises entered my very naïve 15 year old world through a car accident with friends resulting in very serious injuries to my best friend/high school boyfriend. God was so gracious and patient with me when I embraced confusion, regret, rebelliousness, and mostly fear during the rest of high school. I am so thankful that the ultimate outcome was healing for Matt. I am so amazed at the strength of his family, so much more now as a Mom. God has used that night in profound ways to draw me close to Him, to know and breathe deeply in His love and grace when he finally bopped me on my stubborn head a couple of years later and I became His child. He is always created beauty from ashes. Praise Him. Grace and mercy. Miracle Matt. Living for my Redeemer!

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Fall break

Our triplet cousins turned 12 and had a bowling party!

Trip to the zoo with our sweet friends the Walkers

One of Lydie's best friends, Elizabeth.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Jack's first high school dance: Homecoming

Jackson asked his friend to the Homecoming dance. Her mom is one of my dearest friends, so it was very exciting. They went just as friends, which is a relief to put off a first date for a while longer. But he did pay for dinner and treat her as a date since he asked her. That was a first. He did great. They went with Jack's new friend from homeschool co-op and another girl that has been friends with Jack's date since they were young. It worked out really well and I think they were all comfortable and had a great time.

7th week: Homeschool perks

So thankful to wrap up our seventh week of school and head into fall break! This week was full of fun with friends and several late nights! Love the perks of staying out late and sleeping in occasionally...even on school days! Good times!  We are ready for a break and so excited!
Cezanne still life

Clay lamp from history

Fall art

Studying plants. Good old celery experiment.

Jack's stand for videography class.