Sunday, August 31, 2014

Josh is 12: One last year before he is a TEEN!

Joshua is such a delight.  We enjoyed so much celebrating his birthday!  This year he wanted to eat with family at a Hibachi restaurant.  And then for his party, he had all the 6th grade boys over for pizza, cake, and flag football.  Since his brother just got a bedroom makeover for his birthday, Joshua decided he wanted the same thing.  We bought him a loft bed.  (Making one from scratch was a HUGE undertaking that we were not going to take on at the beginning of the school year!)  He got a really special gift from his grandparents that he was over the moon about- a Playstation 4 with a few games!  He had a really, really fun birthday week!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Joshua's birthday party: TWELVE!

This year for Joshua's birthday, he wanted to have friends over to play "Capture the Flag" and cookout.  So we invited all of the boys in his grade to come over.  They are a lively bunch of kiddos! But it was a fun night and an easy party. 

Joshua is entering middle school and turning twelve.  It is hard to believe!  He is so incredibly smart, kind, and easy going.  We are so blessed to have him as our son.  He is an encouragement to us and to his brother and sister!  Happy birthday, sweet Joshua!
Capture the flag: Serious business!

Little sister is always in the mix.  And they are so gracious to let her in there with them!


Homemade chocolate cake and icing- a family favorite!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First day of 8th, 6th, 2nd

 Three sweet kiddos! Joshua-6th grade (MIDDLE SCHOOL!), Lydia Joy- 2nd grade, Jackson- 8th grade


Lydia Joy with her precious teacher, my dear friend, and by my desk.  Ready for a wonderful year!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Last summer hoorah at the lake

We hosted our good friends from Atlanta at the lake house to cap off the summer.  Their sweet kids are adorable.  Even though their children are much younger, the kids all got along like champs.  And after the kids were in bed, we enjoyed good drinks and fellowship.  It was a great weekend together. 
David and Anna.  They will have their first little one around Christmas time!

Mr. David, adopted Uncle of the kiddos.

Fun with my boys!

Moms catching a wave together...just before they threw us wildly off and on top of each other!?!

One of Andy's dearest friends, Justin, and his sweet little girl.

Sweetest big brother ever!

Coleson with his little friend.

The girls finally gave in and held the worms, too.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Jackson's new room!

 Jack got a room make-over for his birthday.  His Dad made a loft bed for him to give him more room for books and comfortable seats.  Above is his desk and a de-shelved little cabinet used for records and a record player.  The frames hold Poppy's old Beatles albums.
 His Papa's old band poster, along with more Beatles posters and little odds and ends on the wall.  The wall color is his favorite, green.
 His books never look this neat!  He has a few Atlanta memorabilia and a Peter Pan silhouette from a play he was in last year.
 His guitar, along with a new chair and light complete all he feels he needs! (His clothes are on shelves and hangers in his closet.  He is such a boy...not a mirror to speak of. (That's what the bathroom is for, he says!)
 The loft bed is painted a deep gray.  Later, we added wooden pieces under each corner.  It just made me too nervous suspended like that!  We also added a ladder!
 We used clipboards for favorite quotes and verses, mainly mine, that serve as good reminders before walking out the door!
 Can't believe he is FOURTEEN YEARS OLD!
 His first look...
 He was really excited and appreciative!