Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Homeschool Plan

Morning time:
*Fine motor practice: Boys:"Warm up your hands time!" (Legos, lacing, building)
Lydie: Hands-on-Homeschooling for 2 yr. olds
*Circle time (prayer, calendar, memory work, songs)
*Phonics (Explode the Code)
*Grammar (First Language Lessons)

*Vocabulary (Wordly Wise)
*Math (Saxon 2 and Horizons K) followed with a board game or drill game
*Snack and outdoor time
*Spelling (Spelling Workout)
*Handwriting (Zaner-Blozer)
*Independent Reading (my own lists from Veritas Press, Sonlight and Logos curriculum, and Honey for a Child's Heart)
-Comprehension Guides from Veritas Press
-How to Report on Books (Evan Moor)
*Art/Drawing/Music/Composer studies
-Art history (Monday)- artists studies with Discovering Great Artists
-Drawing (Wednesday)- How to Teach Art to Children -Music theory (Thursday)- Alfred's Basic Piano Library Music Theory Games cd-rom
-Composer studies (Friday)- Classical Kids cds, read-alouds, activities from, other cds and books

*Lunch and outdoor break
*Geography/Nature study/Journaling/Picture book with cooking
-Geography (Monday, Wednesday)- Discovering Maps, geography games and puzzles
-Nature study (Tuesday)- Charlotte Mason's methods
-Journaling (Thursday)
-Picture book cooking (Friday)- a beautiful book plus a cooking enrichment activity
*Science/History- (Jaybird only)
-Science(Tuesday, Thursday)-Christian Kids Explore Biology

-History(Monday, Wednesday, Friday)- Tapestry of Grace (Also includes church history, literature, writing) *Unit studies (including science, history, literature and more)- Five in a Row (Toot only)
Keys to getting it all in:
-Short 20 minute lessons per subject in the morning
-Tuesdays the boys are in homeschool extracurricular classes until noon
-Lydie will attend Mother's Morning Out (Tuesday & Thursday)
*Note: I will have time alone on Tuesday mornings
-Lots of planned activities for Lydie on the other mornings (she will be napping during afternoon studies)
-Prayer, flexibility, discernment! And also, realizing we WON'T always get it all in!


Jackie said...

I love to read your homeschool plans. Having homeschooled for 11 years before I put my kids in public school to go back to work, I have to say that PLANNING was just the most fun thing! But, your last point about not always getting it all in is very important! And remember that classroom teachers have plans that they don't get all in either, and they don't have a sweet little girl to keep tabs on, and meals to prepare during school, and a house to maintain during school. Keep up the good work!

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

WOW!! Once again, you have amazed me with how you have beautifully woven everything together!

I have never considered myself the kind of person to be able to "pull off home schooling my kids"...however, you have caused me to take a second look and wonder if perhaps I may just be able to do so.

Thankfully, I still have a few years to pray about it...and let you perfect your plan so that you can teach me everything I need to know!

Great work!! I am so glad to be able to actually see a real "working" template (that's exactly how my mind works).

I'll be praying for you as you kick off this wonderful plan!

Jennifer said...

This doesn't have to be posted to your comment section, by the way - it's far too long to be called a "comment!" Sorry!

Looks like we will be doing some of the same things (Language Lessons, Worldly Wise), but your day looks much more creative than mine, I'm afraid! I tend to teach the nitty gritty and let them do the "crafty stuff" on their own. I'm not too much of a fun, crafty mom - although I wish I was. I try to encourage it with plenty of materials at their disposal, but it's not usually a group project. So, I'm always impressed with those good homeschooling moms who do the unit studies, the notebooks, the crafts, and all that. Just wow.

Hey, about the World article -
yes, I read that, too. Do you ever listen to The White Horse Inn? They have been discussing this subject a lot this year (under a broad heading of "Christless Christianity"). They are definitely worth the time if you have it - google the name, and download (for free) the half-hour discussion and you will get fired up! :) They are fun to listen to, too. They are all Reformed pastors or seminary professors.

This is something I could "discuss" all day, but I will refrain in this forum :)...

But you're right, it's very hard to discuss this with some people. They are determined to see us as prideful, dogmatic, egotistical, ethnocentric, and all the rest... We see things almost inverted, in a way. What I see as prideful, they call humble - what I see as humble, they see as prideful. In fact, that reminds me of an article my pastor quoted at length recently - I think I may post that, as I found it very insightful.

This is too long - a post in itself! But it makes for great discussion - couldn't pass it up. :)

I enjoyed reading about your plans. Maybe I'll collect my own thoughts and get them down,too, one of these days here before we begin. I still have another full week to go. Thankfully. :)

MorningSong said...

Go you!!! I bought the grammar book you have and may use it this year. I haven't decided if I will just expose HC to the memorization of the rules now or wait until next year. We shall see. For the most part I am using My Father's World and Right Start Math. We've enjoyed our lessons so far - although we are still waiting for the math tools to arrive. No worries! We're taking it slow!! :)