Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another LONG day!

Thanks everyone for praying for our move. We had a wonderful closing on our current house today. I really love the family that is moving into our house. They are from Egypt and have the most interesting life stories. They seem really sweet and I think our neighbors would love them. Is was interesting, they were "sold" on our house because of a "feeling" they felt when they came here. We had prayed that there would be the sweet "fragrance" of Christ to the right family and that He would lead just the right people to be here. The way they described how they felt here was really interesting. Anyway, the house is theirs now. We will finish packing tonight and tomorrow morning and begin moving boxes tomorrow after our closing late in the afternoon. My sweet mother-in-law is coming to watch the kids and she booked a hotel room for us for tomorrow night. And then Saturday the movers come to move the big stuff and whatever boxes we don't get to move tomorrow.

I can't explain how exhausted I am! I had to lay down and take a nap today. There was no getting around it! But after the nap and a big burrito at Moe's (okay, and an ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins)...I feel a second wind. If you have the time, please pray for energy for us. God has been extremely gracious to bless a with a sense of humor that we have never had during a move. For some reason (maybe, being slap happy) we are able to laugh at just about everything. One thing that I thought was funny was #1 keeps asking, "What does a closing look like?" I explain to him that you sit in an office and just sign papers and exchange money. Then he repeats, "NO!! What does a closing LOOK like?" There is no telling what image he has conjured in his little head, but he is determined that a closing is a living, breathing person.

That's all for now. A day and a half to go until we are moved in! And #3 will be here in 7 weeks. The countdown begins!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blah, blah, blah

This week has been exhausting, particularly today. I am having aches all over my body! But, we have accomplished a lot and are still planning to move on Saturday. This afternoon I spent almost 2 hours on the phone trying to transfer utilities. It took that long to accomplish 3 phone calls! Thankfully, I was busy organizing our filing system and that kept me patient. Incidentally, I had let our billing statements build into this huge stack on top of the filing cabinet. It took me the entire 2 hours to file them! I love organization and usually actually enjoy anything around the house that accomplishes a look or feeling of being organized. But I hate to file bills.

Anyway, mission accomplished. We accomplished many other menial, yucky tasks like getting all of the storage boxes out of the attic, going through all of the boys' toys and organizing/trashing, and I made #1's space invitations for his birthday party. I also wrote an article for our church's women's ministry newsletter. It will probably be the most worthless piece of reading that any of them have ever read. But today was the day to at least get the first draft done and I did accomplish that. Praise the Lord that the kids were having a blast at VBS and I didn't have to worry about them.

I guess tomorrow will consist of more hours on the phone with utility companies and I think I'll tackle the bedroom closet. Also, I am going to take a ton of stuff to a consignment sale. Might as well let our trash be someone else's treasure, right?

Question of the day: What is your opinion on having a joint party for siblings? I am thinking of doing that this year. I feel a little guilty because birthdays are very special days around here. We try very hard to emphasize JESUS at Christmas, and not focus on gifts for the kids. (Of course, we go the grandparent's houses and that philosophy is null and void.) But on birthdays I really try to celebrate my little one's life. I try to make their big day individual and special. I am always abiding by a strict budget, so it's not so much about the money invested, just about the celebration. So I wonder if having a joint party would be a big let down. Our boys' birthdays are 31 days apart and I'm just not sure if I can handle planning two parties as I unpack the new house and prepare for the baby's birth.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Watching God at work

After a few minor compromises, our offer was accepted on the new house. We will close on our current house on Thurs. and close on the new house on Fri. Moving day will be Sat., we are required to be out by 11PM. Yesterday we had five people come over and help us pack. We got the entire downstairs packed and half of the garage. Now we just need to pack a bedroom each day this week (except for today, thank you Jesus for designating a day of rest). The kids will be at VBS for 3 hours each morning this week, so hopefully I will have plenty of time. Now our biggest prayers are that our new house will get a good report from the home inspector on Monday and that we will be able to find a mover who is available on short notice. We have never paid anyone to move us, so if we can't find professionals I am sure we can recruit help. But I would love for my husband not to have to spend the following week recovering. (He has a defect in his bottom two vertebrae that are not fused together properly and so he is prone to back aches.)

That's it for now. I know these details sound boring, but I feel inclined to post them just to proclaim God's grace and providence. He has lined up each and every detail beyond what we could have imagined. This process has been incredible to be a part of! If I think of it, I will post a few pictures tomorrow when I am on my computer. Gotta go get ready for the college group from church to come over. Isn't that hillarious? They will have paper plates and plastic utensils to eat with. We have furniture to sit on, but absolutely nothing else to enjoy. There are boxes everywhere. Oh well!

Oh, quick funny story. I took #1 to the ENT this week. He likes to STUDY the anatomy pictures on the wall. Right as the doc walked in his proclaims LOUDLY,"Oh, great. More private parts posted on the wall. I asked, "What do you mean?" He says, "Look, (pointing to a picture of the opening of the larynx), there is the woman's hole opening where the baby comes out!" I sink in my chair. It did look a lot like the "woman's private part". Maybe I should rethink taking this kid with me to the OB/GYN! We had noticed that he was studying the graphic posters. I justified that they at least were drawings and not real photographs. Yikes! I am NOT ready for the birds and the bees talk yet.

Friday, July 21, 2006

God is amazing, I am silly

I don't know why, but God's perfect plan still amazes me when I take the time to acknowledge it. Yesterday we looked at all of the houses in our price range with a finished basement. We had a few options, but none of them were a really great fit. We decided to randomly drive around our favorite neighborhood with our real estate agent. (What we really love is cozy, quaint and lots of families.) We had just looked at a house in that neighborhood and it was just not a good fit. But we felt at home in the neighborhood in a way that we hadn't all day. By sheer accident, we found a house in the back of a cul-de-sac that had a for sale sign with "finished basement" posted at the top. Our agent reluctantly pulled a flyer. I was 100% confident at that moment that the house would be too expensive. It turned out to be in our price range! Long story short, we love the house. We have had a little challenge in really loving any of the houses we have seen. We are actually looking at houses that are $80,000 to $100,000 less than what our current house is selling for. So right away that was something to get used to. But this house is great. Not an inch of space will be wasted, that's for sure.

The neatest little blessing showed that God is concerned about my silly heart. I reluctantly agreed to give our frig away with the sell of our current home. Only a stay-at-home weird mom could say this, but I LOVE my frig. The drawers pull out. The door has the little ice and water spouts and the water tastes so good! (Even though we did let a fudgesicle melt in the water line during our last move. :) ) Well, low and behold the exact same frig comes with the sell of this home that we love. The same stinkin' one! Unbelievable!

So last night we made an offer. We should hear by 3pm whether it is accepted or countered. I pray this will all work out. Incidentally, I have already mentally decorated the house and the Christmas tree will be in the front window on the left. :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Under contract!

We have had an eventful week. Yesterday our house went under contract. We now have 8 days until closing and 10 days until we need to be moved out of our house. We have not allowed ourselves to look at new houses until this point. (The reason being that I fall in love, decorate the house in my mind, picture where our Christmas tree will be...and then the house sells before we sell our house and I've lost a little dream!) Anyway, we spent yesterday and today looking at houses. We have narrowed our list down to 2 houses and then there is 1 more to see tomorrow. Of course one of the houses is a little more expensive and of course that is my favorite house. We are praying that God would give us wisdom as we are in a time crunch and tired, but want feel His leading. Did I mention that the day we are supposed to be moving out I am helping the host a baby shower at a friend's house (it was supposed to be at my house...thank you Jesus for preventing that from being the plan) and then the next day some ladies are having a shower for me. Also, my #1's birthday is 12 days away and I was suppose to send out party invitations today. Of course, I didn't and I'm not even sure where we will have his party unless I want to pay BIG bucks to have it away from home.

In spite of the obvious chaos, I am PRAISING God for the timing of the move. We will easily be settled into our house before September. #3 will actually have a nursery to come home to (not that she cares). And I can postpone homeschool for a couple of weeks and then begin without interruption (until the baby comes that is). And I don't have to keep the house in perfect order and clean each and every time we leave! In fact, until our house is empty I will probably not be cleaning at all!

Well, that's our crazy week so far!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our day

-Miracle of the day: #1 ate brocolli, salmon and turnip greens and asked for more.

-Quote of the day by #1: "Mommy, I am scared of your feet. They look really old. Why do they look so old and when will they heal? *Note to self: Remind the airbrush tanning lady to go easy on the feet next time.

-Most entertaining toy of the day: The boys had a blast putting the little pretend belly pillow under their shirts and acting pregnant. That game went over really well until the third store when they began to throw the pillows at one another and one of them got a velcro strip in the eye.

-Buy of the day: I found an adorable maternity dress for my baby shower! It's a strapless sundress, black with pink polka dots and a big pink bow below the bust line. Again, no batteries in camera so I will post a picture later. My neighbor came by and saw it and asked, "Now how do you make strapless dresses stay up? She obviously has not noticed the two foreign objects below my neck that are getting bigger by the hour. I had to buy a new strapless bra today and I am still thinking that they surely sewed the wrong size in the one that fit!

-Gift of the day: My mom bought me the cutest little diaper bag/backpack! It is extremely feminine, mint green and pink with flowers all over it and #3's name monogrammed in pink. I've waited a long time to buy all of this girly stuff and it has been really fun! But I will admit it is impractical. I will be emptying and washing that pastel diaper bag upteen times a week. Oh well!

-Experience of the day: Earlier this week we volunteered at a homeless ministry. We picked up food at a local restaurant and took the boys to help serve with us. There were around 40 people there. #1, who is eager to visit Disney World, was listening as one of the men in line shared with us his history. He had been to culinary school and worked for years at Epcot as a French chef. My prayer is that the boys will see themselves and their Savior in the faces of the people we served. #1 was a little more withdrawn. There is no telling what questions he will ask during the upcoming weeks about being homeless. He likes to "sit on it" for a while. But #2 found an empty seat and a roll and went about his business of smiling, gabbing and making himself at home. I want God to continue to give us His heart for those in need. I pray that we can embody mercy and along the way learn more about our gracious heavenly Father and His grace for us!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fake and spray

Man, have we enjoyed our little boys this past week. My sweetie and I have gone and spent the afternoon in the mountains, watched fireworks, gone to the pool, played in the sprinkler and cooked all together with each other this past week. His new business is slow, and the boys and I are reaping the benefits. What a week! I can't say for sure that men feel the same emotions, but I am completely delighted when we are altogether. The responsibilities of managing the household fade away and the joys of being a wife and mom are overwhelming and wonderful!

That's my serious post. On a lighter note...I have a suggestion for all of you stay-at-home moms who don't have time to think about yourselves, especially for those of you who are pregnant. Bear with me now...AIRBRUSH TANNING!!! I know it sounds cheesy. But, today I gave it a try. It is suppose to be perfectly safe, even if you are pregnant. I am agreeing with a friend who recently said and I quote, "Tan flab is more attractive than pale flab." It's true! My poor stomach has not gotten any sun since I was pregnant with my first son, 6 years ago! I actually wore a maternity bikini, until...the last month. You guessed it, I got "love marks" as #1 would say. You know the permanent "marks" across the belly from too much stretching? Well, my stomach is nice and tan and the love marks look so much better! I decided I needed a "glow" for my baby shower which is this weekend. I also got my hair cut and highlighted today. The boys were so sweet. When my man got home from a meeting, they made me hide and told them they had a surprise. Then they walked him in the kitchen with his eyes closed and yelled, "Isn't mommy beautiful?" Love really is blind, isn't it? I was flattered just the same. Tomorrow I am on a search for a pink dress for the shower. Anyway, just call me "fake and spray", but I'm telling you the airbrush tan is worth a try! I'll post pictures to prove my point when I get new batteries for the camera.

Monday, July 03, 2006

More baby projects

My projects for the day were to price items for a consignment sale and make burp cloths for #3. I definitely need to brush up on my sewing skills. Sadly, it took me over an hour to make these two little burp cloths! My sister-in-law is going to monogram her name in pink on the pastel one and her initials in orange on the bright one. I have materials to make four more this week. I am hoping to be faster with each one! I am itching to make curtains for her room as well. But since we are moving and I don't know where we are going, I have no idea how many/what size her windows will be. I guess I am just having the urge to nest a little. But it is impossible to "nest" when all of the baby items are packed in storage boxes. We have 10 1/2 weeks to go! Pray our house is under contract in the next few weeks!