Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter at our farm

This year we hosted both sides of the family for Easter at our farm. Andy and I cooked farm-grown smoked chicken, swedish potatoes, farm-grown green beans and rolls. We had 20 family members to celebrate this most amazing of holidays with at our house!
Decorations for the "ladies'" table

A few spring touches around the kitchen
My baby on Easter morning.  And all three of our sweethearts.

He has risen, indeed!
Decor for the ladies' table
The island with spring decor

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Road trip and date night

For spring break this year we spent time at home and in Atlanta.  The first weekend of the break the kids went to grandparents and Andy and I had our weekend of fun.  Then we were all at home for a couple of days, which gave us time for some rest and a day at AirWalk with friends.  (I jumped on the trampolines with the kids for an hour and could barely walk the next day!)  Then we went with Andy on a consulting trip to Atlanta.  The highlights of the trip were seeing friends, going to the Georgia Aquarium, and taking Lydie to the American Girl Bistro and store!  We had a great week!
We were worn out after a day at Airwalk.  My ball!

There was a gymnastic coach at Airwalk with his son.  He helped the boys and their friends learn some new tricks!

Lydie and Kit with the American Girl doll for 2013 (forgot her name?).
Lunch and sweets in the bistro!

Lydie bought Kit some new pink glasses and a high chair.  Lydie said she squealed in her ear. :)
At the entrance of the aquarium...old, familiar territory!

We walked every square inch, loving the new dolphin show most of all!  What a day!  Love these days...just us!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Writing while he is fishing...

Fishing by the pond's edge
I sit and watch you from afar
Content and determined, a steady pace
And quietly the water moves along

That patience and quiet strength
Undeniable, irresistable, admirable
Spellbound, my heart swells with love
And quietly the water moves along

My mind drifts to familiar memories
Some twenty years ago, on a warm night
The unexpected intersection of such different souls
And quietly the water moves along

Our connection was fast and powerful
The captivating, longing, completing
We found together- stronger than apart
And quietly the water moves along

Over the years, feelings ebb and flow
At times we were too selfish to see the goodness
Of how we appreciate the world so differently
And quietly the water moves along

We cling to vows and hope and Christ
Small, precious eyes watch so close
We give, trust, and graciously receive
And quietly the water moves along

There were lonely days, the pain was seering
Drowning with longings, so hard to relate
But God always rescuing, our bond holds fast
And quietly the water moves along

I am flooded with gratitude, so many faithful years
From dark to light, perilous to safe
From the trials, my joy overflows
And quietly the water moves along

Bravely pushing away from shore again
Always- adventure lies ahead
Deeply satisfied, hand in hand, my love
And quietly the water moves along

Monday, March 11, 2013

A child-free weekend; just us!

This past weekend Andy and I were home alone!  We met the grandparents on Saturday morning and the children stayed with them until Monday morning.  48 WHOLE hours, just us! 

Andy made a plan.  Saturday would be my day to do all that I wanted, and Sunday would be his.  For my day, I got a bubble bath and gave myself a mani/pedi.  Andy packed the suitcases for the kids, I didn't have to do a thing!  After the kids were dropped off, we went shopping!  We found several unique boutiques and antique favorite!  Andy convinced me to buy something.  I bought this little nest necklace and I love it!  We also bought Lydie a sweet pink necklace to give to her at her ballet recital.
New necklace
Andy made reservations at a beautiful, quaint restaurant near downtown Birmingham called Little Savannah.  They only serve local meat and produce and have bought organic produce from our farm.  We enjoyed a long, quiet meal complete with cocktails and fresh, unique food.  We were going to go to a movie, but we decided to come home and enjoy being here, just us.

On our way to dinner in Forest Park.
The next day we went to church.  Afterwards, we came home for a quick lunch and then off to the lake.  We went fishing together for a while, and then while Andy continued I took several hours to write and sketch.  WHAT A DAY!  The weather was perfect- cool and sunny.  After cleaning up at the lake house, we went to one of our favorite bar and grills nearby.  Then we came home and watched a movie.

The big catch
Monday morning we got up and had coffee and time to chat.  This just NEVER happens in the morning, as I am out the door with the kids by 6:15 and too tired on the weekends.  It was a very special treat.  We HAVE to do this more often!!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

The birds and the bees with a little scientist

So it became time, in Andy's mind, to give Josh the "phase one sex talk".  Little Josh is only ten.  But Andy is determined to make sure that they hear the truth, from him, FIRST.  So beginning at age ten with Jackson, Andy chose to have a talk about every year, each time giving him a little more information than before.  And it was time to start the same process with Josh.  Keep in mind, both boys are completely clueless.

So Andy asked him if he knew how babies got in their Mom's tummies.  Josh confidently replied, "Yes sir.  You pray and God puts them there."  (Take that, Dad!)  Andy replied, "Well, yes.  All that is true.  But there is more to it...."

After telling him the basics of the male and female anatomy and how they have to "come together" for a baby to be born he got really quiet.  Then after a while he said, "I have a question.  What about DNA?"  Love it.  Such a math/science guy.  So Andy explained about the egg and the sperm and the DNA from both parents creating a new life.  He was quiet for a while.  Then he asked, "Oh, so it's like a flower?  With the stamen and the pistil?"  Isn't that the best?  I love that he sees the world with scientific eyes.  Of course my husband, the biologist, was thrilled.  I am sure Josh got more than an earful about botany and the anatomy of the flower. Just trying to imagine the conversation makes me laugh!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Andy's 38th birthday

We had fun this year celebrating my precious husband on his birthday!  I decided to give a theme to our celebration that I knew Andy would love...FOOD!  On Friday night we met our parents in town for a big dinner.  And then on Saturday, his actual birthday, I cooked him breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He said he wanted clothes for his birthday.  I can shop for clothes!  So we found a huge sale at Belk and bought him 8 or 9 shirts.  The beginning of March must be the time of year to buy men's clothing.  Each shirt was around $10, really nice brands like Chaps. 

Any way, the kids all got to pick out a shirt to give him, and then I gave him a bunch.  We each picked out cards.  Then we made him prosciutto and provolone paninis with fruit for breakfast.  For lunch, we had tortilla soup.  And for dinner, I made pork tenderloin, Swedish potatoes, veggies, Italian bread, and homemade chocolate cake with homemade icing.  We let him take a nap and watch a movie.  I think he had a wonderful day.  I am so crazy about this man and really enjoyed celebrating him!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Spring classroom decor

Spring bulletin board: "BEE imitators of Christ"
Hall art display: Watercolor and silhouette crosses, "Easter joy"
Target wreath and bird hotglued together for a spring door decoration.
Close-up of the beehive
Close-up of bumble bee with bookpages for wings