Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy birthday, precious boy!

Excited kiddos waiting on family to arrive.


Family dinner. Josh chose La Paz this year.

He's growing up. Asked for gift cards or money this year.

Birthday breakfast for this little sweet heart.  Happy 13th, my amazing Joshua! You are loved, kiddo!
Warm homemade chocolate cake with warm homemade icing. Too good.

Precious pumpkin.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Josh's big celebration ThIrTeEn!!

Joshua decided for his THIRTEENTH birthday to invite his best friend from Atlanta and his best friend from where we live now to go to the Varsity and World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta for the day.  We all had a great time!  It was a fun idea for a big celebration!  He enjoyed every minute with his old friend from babyhood and his newer friend.  My precious boy is growing up and I adore him!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Our second week of homeschool: Moving along

Andy left for another out of town job Tuesday morning. I've lost count, but this makes the 6th or 7th week out of the last 10 that we have been apart. God is so gracious. We have had a fun summer and a wonderful back-to-school start. But we just *miss* him. This week has been a hard one, just emotionally, for me. But we did it, and God was gracious to give us highlights! Not perfect, but another very good week. And Andy is home tonight! So thankful!
Math is better with m&ms!

Why not actually become the mummy?

Rockin' to Bach!

Yogurt break? Yes, let's!

Mini water vapor canopy

Grammar and hot chocolate

Beautiful devotion book

Edible cell. Gross!


Thursday, August 27, 2015


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All school came to a halt when they found this little kitten under our trampoline during a break. Lydie fell instantly in love. But a mustered all my sense of reason, ignoring my ever lurking "feelings", and called Animal Control. The man came and took her to the local vet.  Lydie cried for a solid hour...and then we finished school, after all.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Encouragement this morning: Excerpts from church notes

"It's a scandalous thing to sit at God's table and be starving."
 A.Z. Tozer from The Pursuit of God
"Seek the Lord and His strength. Seek His face continually."
Psalm 105:4

Monday, August 24, 2015

Harvested in heaven

For Monday morning...
"Find rest my soul in God alone, amid the world's temptations.
When evil seeks to take a hold, I'll cling to my salvation.
Though riches come and riches go, don't set your heart upon them.
The fields of hope in which I sow, are harvested in heaven." Psalm 62

Friday, August 21, 2015

Our first week, learning the value of time

 This school year I want my children to hear "Yes!" more. Here are a few "yes" moments from this week. Praying for the ability to give them more of one of my most valuable resources: my time.

Yes, let's learn about science without the textbook!
Yes, let's build the tower of Babel out of food!
This little sweetheart left a precious note for me.
Yes to school at the coffee shop!
Saying yes to hands-on fun: mummified apple
Saying yes to crafts! Our first art project: sewing a fun pillowcase!
First day of cross country practice. Yes to 4 days of practice a week!?

Monday, August 17, 2015

Our first day's to new adventures!

Today was officially our first day of school. We began co-op a couple of weeks ago. But today we are all in! We started with a breakfast celebration and family devotion. It was raining outside, too. Such a perfect morning to stay at home and learn together!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

And just like that...he's behind the wheel!

We both laughed at his picture. The lady snapped it before he had time to smile. And then he posed with it wearing a fake smile. :)
He passed his permit test and has begun learning to drive. We decided to go to my childhood neighborhood and give it a go on the same roads where I learned to drive. Crazy, life coming full circle!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Curriculum list for 2015-2016

What I chose for our curriculum this year is not perfect, but overall I am pleased with my choices.

In case I need this in the future...

Jackson::9th grade
Math: Saxon, Algebra I
Honors Literature/History/Theology: Veritas Press, Omnibus 2, Primary and Secondary (3 honors credits)
Latin: Jenney's First Year Latin
Biology: Apologia
Logic: The Art of Argument (with many extra readings and assignments)
Videography: Co-op
PE: Cross country
Composition: My assignments linked to honors classes
ACT Prep

Joshua::7th grade
History/Geography: Mystery of History, volume 1 (extra readings and projects added)
Typing: Typing Instructor
Math: Saxon Pre-Algebra
Grammar: Abeka
Spelling/Vocabulary: Abeka
Poetry: The Harp and Laurel Wreath
Literature: My list
Bible: Lightbearers (Summit Ministries)
Latin: Jenney's First Year Latin
Science: Apologia Human Anatomy
Composition: Lost Tools of Writing

Lydia Joy:: 3rd grade
Memory time: Huge list of memory work in all subjects that I made
Bible: The Illustrated Bible Storybook- OT and NT
Grammar/Phonics: Abeka
Spelling/Vocabulary: Abeka
Science: Christian Kids Explore Biology
Math: Saxon, Intermediate 4
History: Mystery of History, volume 1
Literature: My list, How to Report on Books, grades 3/4, Read and Think Skills quizzes (Abeka)
Latin: Song School Latin
Cursive: easy workbooks
Logic puzzles
Geography: Scholastic Map Skills
Fine Arts: Composer studies/ Artist studies/ Art projects

A special room for a special year

My new desk, new curtains, with a beautiful view of our yard

Praying for sweet, sweet time in this room this year. It is a happy, cheerful area for the kids and me. I'm excited to get started!

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Themes of summer 2015.

Play dates and dressing up

Ice cream trips

Discovering singing and dancing camp

Sweet friend and camp counselor

Reading books!

Summer Bridge completion
Arguing...and making up

Many, many, many hours at the pool, followed by Icees nearby

Six Flags trip for Jack

The boys both became addicted to their morning coffee...oh boy.

One more book, please!
Trips to the lake
Ice cream
Baking together
*Summer is so wonderful!!*