Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fun October memories

Out to dinner for Aunt Chelle's birthday.  These are my brother's kids and mine...stair steps!

Beautiful birthday lady!

A day out with my Jack

Our pork chops tasted like shoe leather, so we ended up at the ice cream shop!

My niece, Greyce, LOVES to sing and perform.  She has a singing/dancing birthday party.  Here the girls are in her playroom performing their new song!

Lydie and I were invited to a Burlap paint party!  SO FUN!

Her masterpiece!

Then the girls decorated the cupcakes like scarecrows.  So cute!

me and the hostess, one of my favorite people and dear friend

This was such a fun day for us!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Much anticipated Orlando trip

We arrive at the Magic Kingdom

Lydie screamed when she saw the castle!
Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern

Waiting for Mickey's Philharmonic

Oh, the amount of food consumed!

Enjoyed fun meals with excited conversation.  Saw lots of crying babies and toddlers and I wasn't jealous. :)
Bippidi Boppidi Boo

Truthfully, Lydie loves having her hair done and sparkles on her face.  But she did not enjoy this hairstyle.  "Mommy, I like the way I look better before...can we take this down?"
Lydie, Zoe, and Megan: Princesses for a day

Snow White!
Lunch at Cinderella's Castle
Make a wish!
My dessert art
Jackson, Papa, and I had a day at Universal Studios.  We mainly went to visit the Harry Potter/Hogwarts area.
Hogwarts!  Jack and I read the books together a couple of years together.  This was such a fun day together for us!
Butter beer was delicious!

Pumpkin juice was equally delish.
The dragon's challenge ride was CRAZY!  We all rode it.  But Papa did not recover.  He was benched for the rest of the day!  Poor guy!

I loved Zeus' fury!
Amazing restaurant!

Luau dinner

Animal Kingdom

This kid has a serious sweet tooth!

Last stop: Rainforest Cafe