Thursday, August 28, 2008

Extra cuddles

Last night when I was writing the previous post I heard footsteps as I had just typed the last word. It was Jaybird coming to ask me to "re-tuck him in". He needed an extra cuddle. Thankfully, there was nare a temptation to sigh under my breath or say something heartless and selfish like, "You really should be asleep." I am guilty of both in the past. Instead, with my blogging thoughts in the forefront of my mind I said, "I'm sorry you're having trouble, buddy. It would be a pleasure to come and help." Once he was snuggled with stuffed animals and pillows he looked me square in the eyes and said, "You are absolutely the best Mommy on the planet." I was beaming and full.
Unfortunately, I am not always full of grace and patience, especially on the inside. God is so good to sweep over all of our mistakes in the minds of our little ones and help them remember when we treat them with the love that we should! This week has been a really wonderful week with my crew, in spite of myself. I have really enjoyed learning with the boys. Motherhood has filled me to overflowing this week.
Highlights from a great week:

Nile river boats from our ancient Egypt study in history

Kidnex creatures from "warming up our hands" time. Don't you love the see-saw?

A not-so-edible model of an animal cell

We wanted to fit Five-in-a-Row in somewhere so we decided to read the books and bake something along the theme of the book one afternoon a week after science. This week we read Lentil and made lemonade. Just another great excuse to read together!


Jackie said...

I love to watch the evolution of your homeschool endeavors. The kids are soaking it in!

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

How wonderful! Good for you!! And GOOD job to them too!!

proudgrits11 said...

Yeah, um, can I come to school at your house??? :)
I wanted to tell you, I finally got and posted about my crafting table if you're interested!
Looks like school is going great--hooray!!
Roots & Wings