Sunday, May 25, 2008

Toot's progress report

The school year is over for Toot. He will be in kindergarten this fall. I have loved having him at home this year! Even though our schedule has been not as regimented as I would like, by God's grace, he has learned so much! A few of his accomplishments this year are:
-he received Christ as His Savior, fulfilling my biggest hopes and dreams for him!
-he has learned to read very well, reading most picture books fluently and at a normal speed
-he has developed (with mom's strong encouragement) the habit of doing chores
-he has become much more independent, taking care of his own teeth, hair, bathing, and gets his own drinks and snacks
-he has learned to enjoy his bike (training wheels still needed)
-he has learned that math is his favorite subject and can never, never get enough
-he has learned to enjoy the outdoors and play for hours on end in the woods and backyard
-he draws almost every day
-he is writing stories in sentences with a beginning, middle and end
-he has found that he really enjoys sports and played his second season of tee ball
-he got his first game ball at his last game...MVP with all four grandparents there to watch
-he has made his first set of "best friends"- 3boys and 1 girl -that he played with every Thursday (he is the second from the left, with the Indian* Jones hat on, of course)
This has been a great year! I can't believe my baby will be school age this year. It is a joy to share life with this little guy!

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