Friday, May 09, 2008

My mother's day gift

I am so excited! Here's a picture of what I just found on etsy:Of course, the names will be different, and mine will have brown script, but I think this wall decal will look great in the middle of my picture collage. So my project has come to a hault until my order comes in. I can't wait! I have loved from afar, and this is my first chance to place an order there. Go look and enjoy! It is a great website full of home made items by lots of talented ladies!


Olive said...

oh my goodness! That is SO stinkin' cute!

It's been fun to see/read aobut your updating- I just re-did my bedroom. I hate painting! You seem to have the patience for it- I wish I did. It turned out GREAT, it's just such a long process! :)

Have a happy and blessed Mother's Day! said...

Oh! I LOVE it!!! What a beautiful way to display your family names! :)

Hyperactivelu said...

I've seen these on ebay too! Love them and gotta get me some!