Monday, May 26, 2008


Our baby girl is quite the talker. Although she has grown in every area, her verbal skills are what stands out from the last few months. She is putting together words regularly. She asked her first full question last week, "Whe did Daddy go?" She also asks, "Is dat Ja-see?" and other short questions. And yesterday she began stringing longer sentences like, "Go dow swide". But sometimes she stills speaks in jargon, which is adorable. I love it when babies go on and on with hand gestures and head nods, just babbling away. I hope she doesn't drop her baby language any time soon. And best of all, she tells me every day, "I shove shoo, Mommy" with a big bear hug. Thank goodness she is so adorable, because her strong will and high energy level are completely exhausting!

Of course, the down side to her talkative personality is that she sometimes looks bratty compared to other toddlers (this is just my opinion, her nursery sitters as church always sing her praises). For example, there is a little girl that is seven days younger. When you ask her a question like, "Do you like animal crackers?" , she stares at you blankly or moves on about her playing. Lydie, on the other hand, will respond almost always with a "No!", just because she can. Or, if she is especially sassy that day she might say, "No, I no dat!" And her facial expressions are very...expressive. So I have been trying to teach her to say, "No, thank you." but it sounds like, "No, tink twou." You would not believe the discipline involved to have her say, "Yes, ma'm" when I ask her to do something instead of "No!". But unfortunately for her, I am just as stubborn as she is and I always win the battles I choose with her! :) So, there you have it, the pros and cons of a verbal little toddler. I can only imagine what challenges and joys we will face between the ages of 2 and 3! Even though she is normally involved in the biggest challenges of my day, I absolutely adore her!

2 comments: said...

And a cuter little peanut I could not imagine!! So glad to see you treasuring each and every minute of her too!

She's amazingly precious! :)

RHB said...

She sounds like a spunky little cutie! Wish my girls could get to know her.