Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bad news

We came home on Sunday from celebrating Mother's day to find our computer...broken. The hard drive would not work at all. Our friend is working on it, but he says "it doesn't look good". Y'all, if he can not fix my computer it will be so devastating! I have three years of poetry, homeschool research, newsletter articles, and so much more saved only on that hard drive! And this is the worst part...ALL of my digital photographs from the last two and a half years are saved ONLY on that hard drive! I have not had any of them developed or burned on to cds! The only pictures I will have of our family are my pictures from this blog. Please pray for my computer. It looks so silly to type, but I can not bear the thought of losing all of those memories! I'll update when I hear the news.


madsonfamily@mac.com said...

Oh, sweet girl, I am praying for you, my friend! My heart goes out to you. Any updates?

Jackie said...

I feel your pain! I'm so sorry! I lost about 15 months worth of pictures the same way.

Hyperactivelu said...

Ok, I am now convienced I must go get some cds to burn all my photos on! All my photos since Bubbie was born are on the computer! Now I'm scared!