Thursday, May 08, 2008

Spa time with my girl

Spa morning- April 2007
Spa morning- May 2008

There was no project time around here today. But even better, Lydie and I had a spa morning. I found the picture above from the first time we had a little dress-up time together. What can I say? Girlfriend loves make-up! With Jaybird at school and Toot at a friend's house, we had the entire morning to be girls together. First, we donned endless amounts of lotion. Lydie is obsessed with lotion. She laughs with glee when I get out the bottle. I tried a sunless tanning lotion today. I'm not big on these types of lotions, but I do not want my legs to blind innocent bystanders.
Next, we decided to focus on our feet. She and I got a lotion rub down. And I got toe nail polish. She begged and screamed and cried for her toe nails to be painted. But alas, Daddy threatened me if I painted her little 19 month old, small as can be, toenails. My girl has the smallest, most adorable feet ever. She still wears a size 3! So we'll have to hold off on the polish. Maybe when you're a little bigger, baby girl.
Then Lydie and I put on make-up together. And she let me try pigtails on her hair, which obviously was not happening. So we settled for a red bow. I should just be thankful that bows have some peach fuzz to grab on to. And lastly, her watchful eye studied the curling iron as I took time to curl my hair. Normally, I wash, dry and go. But honestly, I need a hair cut so badly that I am embarrassed of my split ends, thus the curling.
After two and a half hours of pampering, we had thirty extra minutes before we needed to pick up our boys. So we spent half an hour in the book store. I never went into a book store for pleasure when the boys were babies for fear that they would pull out every book on the shelf. But despite Lydie's wild spirit, she respects the books and seems to enjoy the feel of the bookstore and library as much as I do. What a marvelous morning!

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So much fun!!! You and your sweetie look so beautiful! What an awesome idea!

So, since I just have boys what would your equivalent be for a "spa day"? Please don't say wrestle mania...I just CAN'T go there! :)