Saturday, April 05, 2008

A treat!

Friday was Jaybird's last day of school before spring break. We are all so happy to have a break from schoolwork and carpool! I wrote yesterday about my husband's surprise spring break gift for the boys. Well, today he "gave" me mine! He is hiring a cleaning crew to clean the house Monday morning before we leave to go to the mountains. He knows me well...what a treat! So today we decided to spend the entire morning doing whatever we wanted instead of our usual Saturday morning house cleaning routine. I looked at magazines, read in my Bible and current book, looked at homeschool curriculum and played with the kids. This is what our house looks like when I take a day off:Who turned the ottoman upside down? I think it became a make-shift horse or spaceship.
See that olive green chair in the corner with that soft blue blanket? That's where I sat and watched the three tornadoes run through the house!


Wendy said...

Yep, I know exactly what you mean about the results of taking a day off.

What a great husband you have - so thoughtful! said...

He, he, he!!! I LOVE the pics of your "morning off"!! Your husband is amazing to provide you with the perfect gift! Who doesn't just adore a spotless house when coming home from a trip! Please send the cleaners my way when they're done with your house! We REALLY need them right now after our trip!!! :)

Anya said...

Good for you!! Have a wonderful time away!