Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The good ol' days

Spider man costume is rolled up at the leg and down at the waist to create a "creek swimsuit". *Notice the camo rain boots for a complete ensemble.

"These rocks make for good troll hiding spots. I believe in trolls and fairies." -quote from Jaybird

Afternoons like ours today may be the ones my kids refer to as "the good ol' days". They invited two brothers over to play in the creek out back. They went on all kinds of adventures such as troll hunting, spy games, and Indian wars. They even painted their faces and bodies with the red clay from the creek banks. There were small obstacles like one scrape, one thorn scratch, one fall, and one bee sting, but it didn't slow them down. Should I call and apologize to the other Mom that came and found her two boys with clay-stained, wet shorts, muddy shoes and no shirt? Nah!

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