Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sofa love

Yard sale season is back! And just in time because I am finally decorating our playroom and finally adding personal touches to our family room. This past Saturday I was looking for shelving for the playroom and I found this jewel:We bought our old floral sofa in 1999. By 2002 I was not happy with our choice, but we had gone from a family of two to a family of four. So we kept the sofa for years and moves and children. I have grown to hate that floral sofa! (This is the loveseat that matches) It is so uncomfortable and the floral colors leave very few decorating choices. So on Saturday when I saw a sign that said, "See our sofa inside" hanging by the garage sale sign I became curious. They were asking $75, and in my excitement I forgot to haggle. I wrote them a check on the spot! I invested another $75 to have the sofa cleaned and scotch-guarded this morning, for a grand total of $150. It is big, comfy, a great color and worth every penny! If you know me you probably know what I am thinking now...paint color, accessories! I can't wait to work on this room over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more pictures!

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Anonymous said...

That's an awesome find! Can't wait to see what you come up with to "go with." You have quite a talent there!

I am reading a WONDERFUL book that I'm going to review soon called Keeping House - the Litany of Everyday Life. I'll bet you would love it, too. THE BEST homemaking book I've ever read - actually, one of the best books I've ever read, period. Of course, now that I say that you will probably read it and think, "what is she talking about?" Book referrals are a risky business! :)

Anyway, I will say that it has inspired me on so many levels, but especially on how to think like a Christian, deeply, about how I tend my home. I've read Christian decorating books before, but that's just what they were - decorating books. This one is different - it contains theology and reveals worldly or cultural thinking that you are completely unaware of... giving you much to think about along the way. And all this while managing to inspire you, as well! It's very admirably done!

Anyway, your homemaking posts are always fun - and it just reminded me of that book, probably because I've been reading it today.

p.s. Please forgive my last comment if it was over the top or if I put a stumbling block in your way - my first reaction to your situation was utter frutration right along with you, probably coming out of the experience we've had along the same lines - and probably a bit of defensiveness and protectiveness, too.

I'm not against "spiritualizing" life experiences, and there are definitely times to look closely and say, "What does this mean?" or "what is God doing?" and I would never want to cause someone to miss the voice of God.

But at the same time, there are also times when we have to use our common sense and deal with the business at hand, too. I hope you can find a balance there that will bring you both HEALTH and WISDOM. :) I'm sorry if I hindered either in your life today!

Grace and peace,