Friday, April 25, 2008

Faux first-time-mommy

No, she did not wear this smocked dress to the park. She is, after all, a third born
Today has been a great day with the children. I got to spend two whole hours at the park with just Lydie (and many quality moments with the boys this afternoon, too). The park time was a rare treat for my little third born and me! I never realized how quiet the park is from 9-11 am. Every child seemed to be a toddler. And every other mom seemed to be pregnant. I felt like a rookie mommy again. I forgot how first-time-mommies ask so many questions to complete strangers about child development. I heard, "Is she talking yet?" "How long does she nap?" "What percentile is she on the growth chart?" I remember being the same way with Jaybird and a little with Toot. I remember a time when getting to Gymboree and playgroup were the biggest stresses of my week. I am not saying those things aren't legitimately stressful. But it is funny how demands change your perspective. I loved my faux first-time-mommy day! What great memories it stirred!

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:) So FUN!!! I LOVE those moments with just one child!

This comment is not one that you have to publish due to my next info below (unless you really would like to). :)

Ok, I have a question for you about your pregnancy with Lydie...I can't find your e-mail address so I'll write it in a comment instead.

You mentioned to me once that you were amazed that you got pregnant with Lydie b/c the spacing from when you "did the deed" and when you ovulated. Do you remember about how much time passed in between?

I am only asking b/c I am wondering if there is even a remote chance that I may be pregnant again. It would have to be a LONG shot and we are not really trying but I know of one and only time that was "not protected"...MANY days before I ovulated. I now have a very sore chest, I'm REALLY tired, feel REALLY bloated, etc.

I am not sure if it's worth pursuing tests or if it's just hormones on the rage!

Let me know when you have a moment.

Thanks a million! :)

Becoming Me said...

Such a cute picture