Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Lydie is learning to identify her (MANY) emotions. Here is my girl expressing the following feelings on cue (and let me tell you, she has all of these emotions and more on any given day, hour, minute). Should I be concerned that she can strike these poses on cue? Girls are so different, no doubt! This is Lydie's sad face. We see this face less and less often, as she is finally realizing that she can not always have her own way. She has discovered how to fake cry over little boo-boos. She comes with a loud, fake pouty whine and says, "boobooboo!". She got red marker on her hand and tried it today. She laughed and laughed when it rubbed right off. Oh my!This is Lydie's happy face, sort of. We see this face more and more often as we work on her boundaries. Girlfriend does not like boundaries!

This pose is my favorite! This is her surprised face. She hates to be surprised, so we actually never see her make this face unless she is posing for a picture. I guess the boys taught her this one. It looks like she's "home alone".

The past month has been one of big changes for my little girl. She has really been testing us! I am thankful for God's faithfulness and direction in my parenting. This little girl would be a disaster without firm discipline. (This past week away from home, routine and our usual rules I saw a lot of behavior that was not desirable!) It is so exhausting to parent a toddler, but I am already seeing the fruits of my labor. She is learning to obey simple commands a lot quicker (the ones she hates like no, come here now, did I say no already?). She tends to try to play on my emotions...already. But at the same time, she is our most affectionate child. A hug and a kiss will cover a multitude of sins in Mommy's book! And she is a fast learner, which is helpful. And after all, she has no idea who she is up against! Where does she think she inherited that stubborn streak of hers? Oh, and she probably inherited the emotional streak from me, too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Renee! I've been checking in on you from time to time! Could really relate to this one as Liza is right there with her. But we're making great strides too as I learn how to be a better and better mommy (and discipliner). Love you! Rebecca

Jenny said...

She is a cutie! I have pictures of all my girls with the big sad face, I loved it! By the time I had Lauren my third girl, I knew the face wouldn't be around long so I tried to really enjoy it!

RHB said...

So fun to hear about Lydie's personality! I love the pictures!