Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farmhouse tour: The Bathroom

When you walk in our front door you land in the living room. To the left there is a hallway with the kids' rooms and two bathrooms. Our bedroom was an addition and is located on the back of the house. Currently it has no bathroom, so this following bathroom is the one that Andy, Lydie, and I use.
vintage white tile

Water efficient potty because our water is from a well.

Our vanity was supposed to be white. But I hated the color when it came in. So we went with this dark cherry one and I love it. Even though they were bought separately, it matches the mirrors perfectly. The walls are light blue.


brushed bronze hardware::subway tile::small jetted tub

We had everything torn out of this room, including the floorboards. There was some rotten wood under there where water had leaked over time. I planned on a completely different look. But I am so thankful that some things didn't work out with my original plan. It's a small, cozy bathroom. But we are enjoying it very much!

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