Friday, March 04, 2011

Bathroom renovation, part 1

I said I was bored of decorating projects. But I am, however, excited about this one. Imagine a 50 (or 60?) year old bathroom. It is fairly small. It has mint green tile around the tub, around the walls, and on the floor. And in the center of the long wall of tile is a big brass heater that is built in. (Our farmhouse did not have central heat/ac until my Dad had it installed a couple of years ago!) Imagine a "white" sink, tub, and potty with large rust stains around the drains. Imagine cracks and nicks all over the place. Imagine a big, rectangular piece of glass for a mirror with dressing room style, brass lights. And imagine an old wooden vanity with all of the varnish rubbed or pealed off and old hardware. That was our main bathroom at the farm. The main bathroom needed help. Big time. So we called our trusty carpenter Bryan to the rescue again. (He is the one who renovated the kitchen.)
One quick note...this hiring help to renovate is so NOT the norm for us. In fact, this is the first time we have EVER hired anyone to do anything that we are capable of doing. Over the last 14 years we have learned to lay flooring, tile, install beadboard and crown moulding, paint, build furniture, landscape, install plumbing, blinds, sew curtains and pillows, clean and maintain the pool, paint, refinish furniture, etc. Basically we have done everything except electrical work, which is where we draw the line. We have NEVER alloted large sums of money to home improvement projects. But the Lord has consistently provided for us with this farmhouse. It is unbelievable and humbling. I know He is doing all of this to encourage us (okay, me) to move forward in faith. I do not feel at liberty to explain how all of these house renovations have been paid for. But they are paid in full. I do not reveal this information to brag, but to give God the glory for the enormous gifts we are being given. God has used someone as an instrument of His ongoing grace in our lives. And thus we have been able to get all of these things done before moving into the house. Again, UNBELIEVABLE and AMAZING and so not what we are accustomed to! What can we do as God blesses us so far above and beyond what we can imagine and obviously counter to what we deserve? Be thankful, enjoy, praise Him. That's all we've got to give! I can now see why God seemed to repeatedly teach me last year how to trust that each difficult season passes and changes. He kept reminding me to look to Him and trust Him to lead us forward. I had no idea that we would be served in this capacity in the very near future! Unbelievable!
So, as long as the carpenter keeps his schedule, here is what we will see when we move in on the 12th...
The mirrors to hang above the vanity are the only things I did purchase myself. I found two of these mirrors at the Pottery Barn outlet for $39 each. I fell in love with them because of the little shelves.:
This tile will cover the floor, EXCEPT ours is all white, NO black. And we will use gray grout like what is pictured:

Above the tub we will also have solid white tile. But this tile will be 2x6 subway tiles:The new tub will be a HUGE treat for me:
The bathroom has a new light fixture and fan on the ceiling. My Dad picked them out and for the life of me I can not remember what they look like. Around the sink I decided against lights above the mirrors. Instead I fell in love with vintage looking sconces. So I chose this one to be hung between the mirrors.

I have never used brushed bronze in any of our homes. But I fell in love with our vanity and it came with this color/style hardware. I think we will enjoy it!

The new vanity was the most fun to pick out. All we knew was that we really wanted a double sink (3 or more of us will share this bathroom for a while). And also I wanted several drawers.
I realize this is a very neutral bathroom. Those of you who know me know that I get bored easily and like to change around the house often. But over the years I have found that the most economical way to appease my need for variety is to invest in neutral furnishings and then go crazy with artwork, curtains, accessories, etc. (Or in the case of a bathroom, the shower curtain, artwork, etc.) So that's the route I am taking.

Now on to the fun stuff...paint color, shower curtain, artwork!

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Julie said...

I'm excited for you!! How cool to have a farmhouse to fix up. You are such a great wife! I love hearing about all your big moving decisions. Praying for your family!!