Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boxed in

Our entire house is boxed up except the kids' rooms. Today Liz and I will pack them up and be done with the boxes! The kitchen and pantry were quite a feat yesterday. I think I packed about 35/40 boxes. It felt like our junk was multiplying!

But everything has gone very smoothly this week so far. Today Lydie has her last day of preschool and then all three of the kids will play at friends. Tomorrow is my last day to homeschool the boys (this year). Before you are too impressed, know that we have only been doing math and language arts this week. No big deal.

Starting this afternoon when we are done packing, we will begin working on the state of our house. We have got a list of things that need to be done before we move. Mainly we need to putty nail holes on the wall and touch up paint. We are also in the process of hiring a landscaping and pool service. And then I have to make the calls to cancel internet, phone, and cable service. We will be wrapping it all up.

On Friday night our friends will help us load the big furniture on the moving truck. Then Saturday morning six or seven friends, plus some high school guys, will help us get the boxes and small furniture to the truck. This is amazing-we have five friends who are driving all the way across state lines to the farm with us to unload stuff on the other end. Unbelievable. On that end, our new church is providing a meat tray and breads to make sandwiches for dinner that night. Some men from our new church wanted to come and help at the farm, but we told them it isn't necessary. The children will be at their grandparents for a few days, beginning Saturday. I hope to have their rooms and the kitchen all settled before they return.

We have been taken care of in the most incredible ways this week! Thank you for those who have brought meals for us! Thank you for those who have played with our children. Thank you Lizzie for coming to help me pack today! Thank you for those who have dropped off boxes on our doorstep. (We have hardly had to buy any!) Thank you, Dawn, for the yellow tulips. I look at them every day and love them. You all have made this move so much easier for us! Looking forward to packing the last box today!!

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Abby said...

I can't believe the move is here! Wow! What a journey!! Do I know your new pastor? I mean, I do know someone who was your potential new pastor, I just didn't know for sure if that was the church y'all had decided on. I hope everything goes smoothly and well. I am so glad for you for all the help and encouragement you have received. I think putting the kids in school will also provide instant community (as well as that of your new church and neighborhood), and as someone who has moved a bazillion times and puzzled over this very issue, I think that decision was a great call! The Lord bless you in your new home and especially over the coming days and weeks!