Friday, April 01, 2011

The Magic City

Lydie and I dropped the boys off at school at 7:45 and headed to the big city for a shopping day. I never imagined when I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama that I would one day call it "the big city". But now, for us, it is exactly that. And although we fully appreciate and enjoy our beautiful, rural surroundings and our nearby small town, we loved a day surrounded by shops, restaurants, and lots of people.We had three stops to make: Lowes, Target, and Anthropologie. Although many things have surprised me in my experience as a mom of a girl, shopping together is one of the experiences that far exceeds my expectations. Lydie is a FUN girl to shop with. She loves to try on clothes and equally enjoys watching me try them on. She loves to look at things for the house. She gasps and oooohs and aaaaahhhhs in stores. And very best of all, she and I have similar tastes. We collectively agree that Anthropologie is our very favorite store. Ever. So we spent our last hour just looking, touching, taking pictures, and feeling inspired. I love their modern-vintage style. I tried on all sorts of things that I could never afford to buy. Lydie would squeal and say, "That is BEEEautiful! Please buy it, Mommy!" And, "You should just get it all!" She loves to be surrounded by beautiful things. We took cash and stuck to our budget. (Translation: We left with a big bag of stuff at Target and ONE item at Anthropologie!) But I sure was tempted by her coaxing to go overboard. (Pictured below, a happy Lydie dancing through the store.)

Afterwards we met my Mom for lunch. Since I went to college at age 17, I have never lived close enough to meet my Mom for lunch. It was SO fun. I loved a quick lunch, kisses good-bye, and promises to drop by sometime soon. No one had to pack a suitcase. It's dreamy. A certain man in my life did pull an April Fool's day prank on me and had me believing that I forgot to ask him to pick up the boys from school and they were stranded because he was running an errand out of town. I fell for it for about 10 seconds until I remembered the day. My Mom and I panicked. (But remember babe, revenge is sweet! Next year you better watch your back!)Tonight we had a fun social event at church. It was game/dessert night. My extroverted personality's cup is bubbling over. Loved kicking off the weekend with such a fun day!

"Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars!"

Henry Van Dyke


Meredith Howard said...

Such a sweet post. Lydia looks so cute.

Abby said...

Renee, everything sounds so happy! Your new home is gorgeous, and the little town sounds friendly and homey. I am glad that you are settling in so well and that you are now closer to your mom too! What a blessing that must be! I also LOVE your thoughts about looking for people who need a friend as opposed to just who you click with. What a great perspective! And I will bet that you will find hidden treasures in those people that you would have missed out on otherwise! You inspire me to do the same.