Saturday, March 26, 2011


We are all exhausted today. I did the math...I spent around 20 hours in the car this week going back and forth to town for school, errands, dr. appts., and baseball. It was all worth it, though. My boys are adjusting to it all so well. They absolutely love their new school. We are SO thankful. Joshua enjoys baseball, too. But his practices are intense- 8 hours a week! His little arm muscles were sore the first couple of days. But I really believe it has been good for him. And God has blessed my conversations with the other moms, too. I keep reminding myself it is only 9 weeks, I need to enjoy it. And I have so far. And Lydie, of course, has made friends everywhere she goes. I haven't mentioned her as much because I worry very little about her adjustment. :: Out for ice cream after the boys' first day of school::
Earlier this week Lydie and Andy were sick. Lydie got over the strep throat quickly, but broke into hives on Wednesday and still is covered in them. When she woke up on Wednesday with her eyes swollen shut I raced her to the doctor. Hives are fine, swelling is scary! He gave her a steroid shot that did the trick...for one day. Then Thursday morning she woke up covered again. Our new doctor whom we have become friends with might regret giving me his personal cell number! She broke out with hives a couple of months ago, too. The doctor said it was viral. I have no idea what is going on with her little body!

Before allergic reaction:

::Notice her swollen eyes and hives on her arms and neck. She was in no discomfot, despite the look on her face. She is just sad because she got out of bed and I threw on these clothes and we were about to race out the door to go to the doctor. My girl is not a morning person! ::

We have been racing to get things in the ground before the rain this week. I just planted a row of onions for Andy while he went down to the pastures to plow and fertilize. The kids and I also fertilized the fruit trees this morning. The big pastures need to be prepped now so they can "rest" before the seeds go in the ground. Farm life seems to revolve around the weather and timing. It's all a big adjustment and there is always so much to do. I am most excited about my big flower garden up here by the house. I will sell bouquets at a few farmer's markets this summer. I plan to save the profit for a trip to Disney World next year. (The flowers won't pay for the entire trip, of course. My goal is to make $1000, which means I will have to sell around 200 bouquets. I have no idea if that is feasible...we'll see.)
::here are our onions and carrots in the little garden by our house; in the top left corner of the picture is our brick farmhouse & in the top middle is our barn:: This morning I was the last one to roll out of bed at 8:00 and my sweet husband had pancakes hot and ready. I would consider myself a high-energy person, but I also require a good amount of sleep. A couple more months here and I might be in bed before the kids!
Happy spring! I hope this spring season will be full of renewal and joy for you!

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Julie said...

Renee... so happy you all are adjusting so well. You make farm life look wonderful! :)