Thursday, March 24, 2011

So much, where to begin?

Well here we are almost 2 weeks after the big move, and today we finally got internet service. So much has happened in 2 short weeks! Except for the "library", we are mostly moved in. (People in the rural south roll their eyes when I call that room the library. Sounds so snooty. But for some reason we can't shake the name.) I have this weird thing about moving in or packing a room. I can't check it off of my mental list until it is COMPLETELY done. As in, pictures on the wall and everything. So I spent the first 7 or 8 days completely exhausting myself, as did Andy. We unpacked, put together some new IKEA furniture, and hung pictures 16 hours a day for a week straight. It felt like I had the flu when I finally slowed down. During this process, I bet we have thrown away 3 dozen bags of junk and given away the same amount. (And I consider my self a purge-aholic. I guess I am not.)

The children were thrilled to be with grandparents from Saturday until Wednesday. Joshua came home with a fever. It turned out to be strep throat and then passed it to Lydie over the weekend. Today Andy awoke feeling sick. Lydie on the other hand woke up feeling 100% better, but covered with hives or in Lydie verbage "poke-a-dots". (She is officially allergic to penicillin. Good to know.)

In the midst of all of this chaos, we have been so enormously blessed. Andy started farming this beautiful land on Monday. Meanwhile, the boys started school and baseball. And Lydie Joy and I have spent our days getting to know the farm community as well as the small town 20 minutes away where we go to school and church. I have so many stories to tell already. So many stories of answered prayers, connections, small town friendliness, and how much I love it here already. Oh, and I will have to share house pictures, too. I can hardly believe what I am feeling. But for now I am signing off. It is 10:15 and it feels like the middle of the night for this farmer's wife!

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Wendy said...

Moving is exhausting, but it sounds like this will be such a good thing for your family! So happy for you!