Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Code Black

Despite the ominous sky yesterday, the kids and I decided to make a grocery run. Thankfully I had a list so it didn't take long for us to get to the check out isle. But unbeknownst to us, getting home would be delayed. Because just as I was about to swipe my card, the lights started to blink. The speaker announced a "Code Black". None of the Wal-mart employees had any idea what a Code Black meant. But remembering the skies, I had a feeling I knew. The loud speaker came on again and told everyone to drop what they were doing and "make your way quickly to the domestics department".

So the kids and I left the groceries and followed the hoard. I found it very odd that people actually started crying with fear- grown people with little children watching them. As we were walking, tennis ball-sized hail began to pound the ceiling. It was quite loud and intimidating. But I was grateful for it because it produced the most awesome response from my oldest son.

All of my kids were a little nervous, but I was not at all. I knew there had probably been a tornado spotted in the area and I felt very safe in this enormous Wal-mart. I was very thankful not to be in the car. The skies were pitch black and the hail was very big. The wind was howling. But I knew we were going to be fine. I was a little frustrated with the women around me that were acting so frantic! Any way, here is what Jackson said. With a slightly nervous but very excited look on his face he said, "Remind me again, Mommy. Will God look scary or beautiful?" Sweet boy thought Jesus was coming back! In the midst of the chaos, I didn't put two and two together right away. I just responded, "Oh, well God will be scary and beautiful. In a good way. We will be able to worship and enjoy Him because of Jesus." And he smiled and we carried on to our designated area.

Once we were there, we sat in a little circle by ourselves and prayed. The kids kept looking around at the women who were upset and then at me. Then they would ask, "Should we be frightened?" I felt completely peaceful and assured them we would be okay, but we should take note of the glory and power of God outside! So we just sat and listened and talked until everyone dispersed. And then I remembered Jackson's comment and I asked him about it. He told me, "I really thought this was IT! The big day!"

I love the way my children point me to Christ. This is a busy season for us. May I never forget for a moment who I live for and why I am here. May I never forget where my true Home is and LONG for it and WAIT for it and ANTICIPATE His coming...with the faith of a child.


Dawn said...

WOW i loved reading that story and the sweetness of your children! I bet you impacted some people without even knowing it, especially if they heard his comment!

Carrie Thompson said...

that is a beautiful story.... how amazing. I am generally one of those women- I am just an extremely anxious person no matter how hard I try, but I have found when it is just me and the kids adn it is a scary situation--- I KNOW that God breaths for me. I know that God speaks through me to the kids because I could NEVER remain as calm as I do without HIM. I am glad that you were able to minister to your kids in that way- to not give them fear but peace of mind. It was a gift to both of you.