Monday, March 28, 2011

Farmhouse tour: The Kitchen

This is the happy view from our back door. View from the same side of the room, other corner. My turquoise hutch is well used and brightens the room. I really thought I would regret the color, but I haven't one bit. Sometimes risks pay off, I guess. That should be my new motto.
We use our dining room table for all meals. I am soon going to recover these chairs with a white and brown chevron pattern. It's very sassy. I might paint the chairs white, but I am definitely leaving the table its natural wood finish. I had so many pieces of art that I wanted in the kitchen that I just decided to make a gallery wall instead of choosing just one. It's a happy mix of bright colors, each piece showcasing my two favorite colors: yellow and turquoise.
This is the kitchen from the view of the table. That little white frig will soon be replaced by a stainless steel one. I have no idea what to hang above that little orange table and the trash can. It's an awkward space right now. But I ignore it because my new island has been so fun. I prep all of our food there. The vintage lights above the island make me feel like I am at my Nana's house. They make me happy.
Enjoying my open shelves! They are so bright and the dishes are all so accessible. The double oven has been a huge blessing, too.
Our counter tops are silestone tiles. I thought they would really bother me because there are so many places for crumbs to escape in the grout. But since I prep on the island it has been just fine. Maybe years down the road we will get solid surface counter tops. But that "want" is way, way down on my wish list!
I keep all of my pots, pans, and colanders right out in the open under the island. On top of the island is the pound cake our neighbor brought us. He is famous for it. It literally weighs a pound!
"Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all."

Julia Child


Kim said...

It looks amazing! I know you are loving it. We finally painted our kitchen, rearranged what little furniture we could and bought a new dining room table. Can't wait to see the "new" house!!!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Your new kitchen is wonderful! I love your blue hutch!!
I've been catching up on your last few posts. It sounds like you are really getting settled in~that's so good. I hope you love your new home!

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

You are AMAZING!!! Such hominess already!! You have a beautiful gift, sweet friend!

I especially love the blue tea kettle that matches the hutch and the painting so well!

I'm excited to be able to "tour" your new farm from across the country!

Keep those wonderful pictures coming! :)

maryanne helms said...

It looks so GREAT, Renee! But then again, you do have a warm and colorful touch. Glad you are settling in well...:)