Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Homeschool vs. Private School, part 2

We took all of the valid points that I made in part 1 and prayed. I wanted so much to just ask Andy to make the decision for us. But that would be silly and impractical because this decision effects me entirely more than him. We needed to seek the Lord together.

We have decided to put the boys in the private school. In fact, they will begin on the 21st of March (which is the week following the school's spring break). This will give them 10 weeks at the school before the year ends. Our hope is that the timing will allow them to start friendships that can be fostered during the free time over the summer. And it will also allow me to take a break, regroup, unpack, spend time alone with my little one (which I have never really had except on a few girl weekends here and there), and then we will go from there.

We are not fully committed to this school long term. It is a wonderful, small, closely-knit school. The heart of the school meshes well with ours. (For example, their discipline methods follow the ones outlined in Shepherding a Child's Heart.) But it is not a classical school, which means that history, literature, and art look differently than I would like. My husband keeps jokingly suggesting that we start a classical school. This makes me a little nervous because I have jokingly said the same thing in my own head! What does the Lord have in mind for our future? Only time will tell. But for the rest of this school year we are going to enjoy this learning community, try to serve and love well, and be thankful!

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Jennifer said...

I'm excited for you all entering this new adventure! The school sounds lovely. I just certainly hope you won't stop blogging about education!

Moving and homeschooling... just the thought of it makes my head spin. You are a wise woman. : )


PS: I am loving all the projects you have been working on... you make it all seem so do-able.