Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Completed: Our Last Year of Homeschool

It has been an adventurous, glorious, roller coaster the past four years. I have felt so certainly called to be primary teacher to my kids. And I think, although I see weaknesses and faults in my abilities, we have all learned a lot together. I know by the government's standards we are doing well because the boys absolutely ACED their standardized tests. I question more whether I have taught them all that I can about Christ and walking with Him. THAT is the important question!

It has, by far, been our busiest year yet!
Academically, Jackson and Joshua's 5th and 3rd grade years...
Math: Lessons 1-150 in Horizons 5 (or 3)/ many multiplication and division drills/ 1-2 hours every day of hard work
Grammar: Lessons 1-150 of BJU Press 5 (or 3)/ 7 major writing assignments/ much chanting/singing of grammar memory work
Spelling: 32 lists and tests from Abeka 5 (or 3)
Logic: 40 middle school level puzzles solved
Latin: Completed English from the Roots Up
Geography: Map skills book completed/geography of Europe and Asia as we studied the wars of the 1900s History: Sonlight, Core E completed (1800s and 1900s) In our 4 years to homeschool, we studied Creation through today!
Science: Completed Christian Kids Explore Chemistry/ weekly science experiments
Reading: Read 31 chapter books from the Sonlight Core E course! VERY impressive!
Art: Drew many historical subjects: Mt. Rushmore, M.L. King, world war I soldier, etc. from the Draw Through History series. Also took a fabulous art class!
Bible: Lots of reading and Who Is God? from Apologia

What a year we have had.  I have two very bright, hard-working sons.  I am so honored and proud!

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