Saturday, May 19, 2012

Her favorite

Lydia Joy has made it plain and clear to me that gymnastics is her favorite thing.  She really, REALLY squeals and jumps when it is Monday.  I am still not sure if it is because she gets to socialize more (while waiting in line at each apparatus), or if it is a true love for the sport.  But either way, she has had so much fun.

Lydie with her medal!

As I wrote a few posts ago, she was not able to be a part of the last gymnastics meet.  But last night was her end-of-the-year show.  She did such a great job!  She even volunteered to open the entire show, being the first to do her floor routine!   
During her floor routine

With her friends from class.  Next to the smallest, of course.

Before this year, she had never taken gymnastics and could only do a forward roll.  In class this year she learned to do a back bend, a backward roll, a cart wheel, a head and hand stand, mount the bars and beam, and so many other little skills.  She has been faithfully practicing at home and doing lots of sit-ups and push-ups.  It is fun to see her excitement and dedication.  Her ultimate goal is to be a cheerleader. :)  There really is no way to describe how fun it is to watch your own children do well at something they enjoy.  Her gymnastics teacher's prayer is that the discipline used in class will carry over into every area of their lfe.  That is my prayer, as well.

Dad came to the show and then took us to Pizza Hut afterwards.  Thanks, Poppy!

She couldn't even walk across the beam without holding her teacher's hand.  So proud of her progress!

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