Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ladies at the lake

Yesterday some ladies at our church went to the lake for the day. Something I have noted for the last five years or so is that ladies with more life experience (older) are so much more fun, blunt, and easy going. One lady read a poem about the ABCs of getting older that was hilarious.  I laughed a lot and really enjoyed a day of yummy foods, laughing, and just sitting around talking.

I love all of the perspectives of a group with various ages. There were talks of everything from pregnancy to being a widow. Such precious time. I am sure I will find a lot of friendships and mentors here.

Big news around here...after three weeks on the market our Atlanta house is under contract!! To God be the glory for this answered prayer. Looks like both of our concerns financially will be answered. We only had to come down $1000 from our asking price and we only paid 2 months of mortgage payments (renters moved out in April). We are amazed and humbled. I honestly believe God allowed us to rent the house to our friends the past year because I would have been devastated to sell it and close that chapter of our lives a year, or even a few months, ago. But now that I have so many wonderful things and people to love here, I feel ready to let it go and move on. And of course, he wanted our friends to live there during that time for reasons that their family needed.

A sweet young couple is buying it- it will be their first house. Cannot wait to meet them. The years in "the white house" were the best I have lived so far. I am hopeful that soon that will change and the farmhouse will hold memories of our sweetest years. Cannot wait to find out!  Also this weekend celebrated my handsome nephew's birthday.  The big ELEVEN!  Unbelievable.

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