Saturday, May 12, 2012

The luxury of date night

The only pictures we have together are always these very unflattering, super-close-up shots we take of ourselves.  This one was in the car post-dinner, pre-concert.
Thursday evening we enjoyed a real treat. Our friends invited us to dinner and a concert in Birmingham. I thought it might be a little much for Andy to have a late night during the week. (He has worked 5 am til 7 pm lately on the farm.)  But he insisted we go because our friends arranged childcare at their house. It was such a luxury, sitting around holding hands with Andy, a babysitter watching the kids, adult conversation with our friends. Not to mention the amazing French restaurant (Shez Fon Fon) with a great table out on the patio, cool weather, and later drinks and the music of Sandra McCracken at Workplay. What a perfect date night! Thankful for God's provision through friends who convince us to get out and enjoy. And so thankful for my handsome guy.

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