Saturday, June 02, 2012

Ahhh...Summer Break Begins!

We finished school last Tuesday.  Our schedule was set for June 1st as our last day.  But the boys were determined and doubled, even tripled, their lessons in order to finish over a week early. Along with all the schoolwork, we had standardized tests.  But they decided they would be done by Tuesday, May 22nd.  And after a handful of eight hour school days, they finished!  Wouldn't it be nice if we would tap into that determination every day!

So Wednesday was our first day of summer break.  Because it had been two weeks+ since I had been to the store, and because we were celebrating, here was our dinner that night:

really healthy

For summer fun so far, we have gone to a pool party (our first time in the pool this year), attended our neighbor's graduation, went to the library and joined the summer reading club, went to the lakehouse for Memorial day weekend, and met some friends for slushies and mini golf.

Then we turned our farm office/school room into a play room.  I am wasting no time getting into a new frame of mind around here.  No more need for a school room at home!  It's very overwhelming and so exciting.  It probably drives my husband crazy, but this house is so small, I am always rearranging to find the best use of space.  I have about 15 summer projects lined up for May/June.  I am not sure how I found so much to do in a 9 room house!  I love house projects. The high school/college guys who help at the farm will help me occasionally.  Like last week, they helped me move Andy's office stuff to another building on the property.  Love having them around to help, hang out with the kids, and eat dinner with us every now and then.  Especially our friend from Atlanta, Caleb, who is here for the summer.  Here is a picture of the guys with Andy and our boys:
The boys at Danny's graduation
We went to the lake for Memorial day weekend with my Mom, Dad, and brother's family.  But this is the only picture I took:

Next week we are going to make our summer bucket list.  Let the summer fun begin!

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

Happy Summer!! :) SO exciting to dream about all the good things to come while reflecting on what you've come through this past school year!

We've got one week and a day left until we join you in celebrating summer break in our neck of the woods.

Soak in the sunshine, your precious kids and God's radiance! :)