Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Conquering Fears: Lydie's Ballet Recital

When we came back from our big ski trip in January, Lydie went through a strange phase for about a month.  She cried any time she had to be away from me.  Even if she could see me in the waiting room at ballet or gymnastics, she cried.  It was really unlike her and difficult for us both.  Of course, most people attributed it to the fact that she is not in preschool, and consequently she is "around me too much". 

But knowing her ability to be so flexible and eager before, I knew that was not a rational explanation.  So I tried to meet each situation in prayer, with the need to discern as each week passed how best to walk her through her fears.  At times this meant sitting in the room at ballet.  And at others it meant telling her that her fears were irrational and that we would pray together and then I expected her to meet a new goal.  Eventually, after 6 weeks or so it passed. 

During those weeks she had her first gymnastics meet.  Actually, it was right after our trip.  And she wanted so badly to earn a trophy and do well for her teachers.  But her fear to be away from me and in front of so many strangers won, and she just couldn't go out and do her routines.  We had to leave empty handed.

Well, yesterday was her ballet recital.  Now granted, that gymnastics meet was in January, many months ago.  But still, I remember how awful it was for all of us.  And I was a little nervous that those fears would rear their ugly heads.  But thankfully, they did not!  She got on stage and danced her little heart out.  She was so excited, and even though she was nervous (it was a packed auditorium and quite intimidating), she controlled her fears and remembered all that her teacher and we had taught her.  It was glorious!  God is so faithful.  And he gave us just the right name for our girl- Lydia, meaning "strong and beautiful".  He shows us his power and beauty again and again through the life of our girl.  What a gift.

 Unfortunately, my mean, old computer has lost all of the pictures from the recital except this one.  This is Lydie with her ballet teacher, post-recital.  She danced to "Take My Life and Let It Be" for her ballet routine, and a Tinkerbell song for jazz.  It was so darling!

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

What a beautiful reminder of the meaning of Lydie's name! I had forgotten that! How lovely!

This is such a sweet story, one she can look back on and see God's loving hand as a intimate part in her life's story. :)