Monday, April 11, 2011

Farmhouse tour: Josh's room

Josh had one request for his bedroom, and that was to incorporate the color red. He LOVES it, which is so unexpected because he is a quiet little guy. Not so much a vibrant, loud, red-lover kindof guy. My Dad loves red, too. Now my Dad...he has a red personality.

Josh really loves to play legos, board games, and build things in his room. He always got spooked in our old house after dark and loved sharing a room with his brother. But, by God's grace, he has not gotten scared or complained about being alone at night a single time! He seems to really enjoy his own space, especially when his sister is talking too much and he can retreat! :)

Josh's room is gray, navy and red. It showcases his art, building projects, and games.


Jackie said...

You have such a gift for home decore. I love seeing all your rooms!

Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

How wonderful! Everything looks so organized too! Great storage!

Yay for red! Funny thing, T also LOVES red and is also my quiet one. I do think, however, his adoration comes from his favorite character Lightning McQueen. :)

Julie said...

Everything is looking great! I am so impressed. You're quick too! :))