Thursday, April 07, 2011

More firsts

We took the girls to see the Blue Bell Factory and we tried on everything in the gift shop and then got threatened. (Buy or leave kind of a deal. We chose option B, but got these cute pictures first.)

Joshua had his first baseball game! Love his team, love the coaches. He did okay, but he's a fast learner and I feel confident he will make great improvement over the course of the season! And he's excited and having fun, and so we're having fun, too. The girls shot riflesand tried out our tire swingand make my Dad a coconut birthday cake ("P" for Poppy). And planted potatoes and rode the 4 wheeler. Hilariously common and every day stuff for us. Why did they choose to spend spring break with us? I have no idea, but I'm surely glad they did!

It was such a sweet time having you, precious girls. Tell your parents that we want to be your godparents and that we are already planning your double farm wedding! :) Come back soon (we miss you already)!


Sue Mitchell said...

Marie had such a great time she thinks we should buy a farm...being the granddaughter of a farmer, my response don't think so-but you can marry a farmer and I will visit!!! Thanks for having her-going to visit was all she talked about for a month. The pictures are great-looking forward to seeing the "baby" sunflowers and all of the fruits of their labor. Love you all and miss you! Sue

Julie said...

Looks like y'all are having a blast! Every room is precious! Love readig all about it! :)