Sunday, April 03, 2011

New gig

I am so excited. I MIGHT, this is not official, be teaching art at the boys' school next year. Squeeeeal! The curriculum coordinator for the school goes to our church. I mentioned last Sunday that I miss teaching art to my boys, particularly our art history studies. She told me they had recently lost their art teacher and were leaving art education up to the individual teachers. And we continued to talk and the next thing I know the headmaster approached me, and he was excited about what he had heard. So I am going to take in some of the projects I have done with the boys and discuss my ideas with him. I tried to make it clear that art is a hobby, an interest, but I am no artist. Of course Jackson overheard me and retorted, "Oh yes sir, she is an artist. And she's an interior decorator, too." Sweet, naive, boy. But wouldn't it be fun to use this little adventure as an excuse to finally take some art classes?? Normally these fun opportunities come my way and I need to say no because I am homeschooling, or have a toddler or preschooler, and I just can not balance even a part time commitment with being a Mom and wife. It has been a joy to focus the majority of my energy and time at home. But next year Lydie will be in pre-k every morning and the boys will be in school until 2:45. I think I could schedule the art classes in such a way that I would just be there one full day a week. Oh my goodness, I actually think it might be something I could manage without compromising things at home! Fun! So I am praying about it and we'll see what shakes out. I am definitely "dizzy in the noodle" tonight!

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Jennifer said...

Renee, that is so exciting! And perfect for you!

By the way, I LOVED the new house pics. I'm with your son... you are a talented decorator.

Blessings to you...