Monday, April 18, 2011

Farmhouse tour: Jack's room

We had a wonderful Sunday. Palm Sunday at church was lovely with a powerful message and beautiful hymns. Afterwards we went to a cousin's birthday party with my side of the family and then a church picnic with Andy's side of the family. Came home at bed time refreshed from good company and perfect weather. It was a beautiful day to be outside!

Ready to reveal another room. Jack's room is fun and colorful. The only toys in his room are the bucket of swords and toy guns, and a few Lego sets. He is starting to outgrow toys! It's hard to believe. Yesterday at the church picnic he didn't go in the bouncy house because he said it was for younger kids. Can't believe we are already at this phase! He also has a crush on a girl in school. When I asked him what that meant he said, "Nothing really. It just means you sit around and think she's pretty." Sounds harmless enough. He also added, "She's the only girl that has made me nervous cause she's so pretty since Ellie Memory in kindergarten." Darling boy. When he gets older, his wife will be the "luckiest" girl on the planet.

Here is how his room turned out:

Have a wonderful Easter week!!

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