Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gardening and dating

Last night we met my parents and family for dinner at The Melting Pot in Birmingham. It was a fun celebration of both my parents' April birthdays. Wow, what a ton of yummy food! (Note: Chocolate all over Josh's gray shirt) It was prom night at a number of surrounding schools and the restaurant was full of groups of teenagers all decked out. The girls (and ladies) loved looking at their dresses. Afterward my brother and sister-in-law had all three of our children over to spend the night. We went to see a movie (the first in a long time that wasn't rated G)! We saw Source Code at the movie theatre and I highly recommend it. Then we enjoyed a quiet morning together, church, and a lunch date. My sweet husband turned down two offers to join church families for lunch. It really is rare that we are all alone and I appreciated that he guarded that time!

I am gearing up to plant some things in the yard this afternoon. For Alabama residents, has any one been to "Petals from the Past" at the Thorsby/Jemison exit off of I-65? If not, please go! It is the most amazing plant nursery I have ever seen. They have acres of beautiful rose gardens, an orchard, ponds, etc., not to mention the fabulous gift shop! I have never seen such an assortment of plants, trees, and shrubs. We had heard that it was amazing and we were not disappointed! We bought six Verbena bushes for the yard. They are pink, red, and purple and beautiful.

I have mentally divided the front and side yards into 8 areas. I hope to tackle one area per week over the course of the next couple of months. Then I will take the following 8 weeks to just maintain what we have. It will be too hot for heavy gardening, plus we will be busy harvesting and selling produce at several farmer's markets. Then in the fall I want to completely transform our "back yard". I am dreaming of trellises, benches, bird baths, and maybe a water fountain. That will be a huge project, and may just stay in the dream phase for a while. My Dad said last night that he was afraid one day he would arrive here to find a pink barn. :)

Hope everyone is finding this Sunday full of rest, fresh air, and worship time!

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

So happy for you both. That time sounds like it was perfect timing now that your house and family are settled.

I can't help but adore the beaming joy and peace that radiates from each post!