Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Our first visitors

This week two of our friends from our Atlanta youth group are here. They're more like daughter/little sisters. They are darling and sweet and helpful. I feel a little sad for them that they are spending their spring break on our farm, especially when the boys are in school/baseball and so regular life continues. But they say they love the farm and they are enjoying their week. I know I am! They have no access to cell phone coverage or television. We had a big storm that wiped out our cable and it won't be fixed until after they leave. But they are troopers and have not complained a bit (even though Lydie has had them watch Barbie movies with her all week long).

This is our seed dropper that Andy calls the "Amish bicycle". It's pretty handy.

So far we have cleaned and reorganized/decorated the screened porch. I am so mad at myself for not taking a"before" picture. My Dad had put up random lights around the perimeter of the ceiling that were from Cabella's. They were an assortment of fish, deer, camping lanterns, etc. in all sorts of bright colors. And the furniture was a mishmash of desk chairs, card table chairs, and rocking chairs that he had gathered from various sources. He also had an old wasp's nest and random pictures screwed to the wall. It was quite an eyesore.

New flower patch where we planted the dahlias

We made a bonfire in my Dad's fire pit. My aunt gave it to him with "Back Home Farms" inscribed on it. He loves it.

So I bought some new cushions, plants, and lights. Dad brought some new rocking chairs. Here is what it looks like now:
Should I paint those brown walls white??

Besides that project, the girls have helped me with the kids, learned to drive the tractor and my Dad's 12 passenger van, planted thousands of sunflowers and a patch of dahlias, and we had a bonfire. We also went into town to run errands. Our favorite places were the Feed and Seed and the Coffee Shop.

Bunny cage at the Feed and Seed, which is always a big hitTractor lessons Today we hope to pick strawberries, ride go-carts, teach the girls how to shoot a gun, make a cake, visit a neighbor who is sick, and go to Josh's baseball game. Simple pleasures.

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Julie said...

sweet girls! love the pictures. i vote for white walls i think, but they look good brown too! :) you're awesome!!