Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Light view

"It is you who light my lamp;

the Lord, my God, lights up my darkness."

Proverbs 18: 28

"The Lord has to break us down at the strongest part of our self-life before He can have His own way of blessing with us."

Ann Voskamp quoting James H. McConkey in One Thousand Gifts
"If I am rejecting the joy that is hidden somewhere deep in this moment-am I not ultimately rejecting God? Whenever I am blind to joy's well, isn't it because I don't believe in God's care? That God cares enough about me to always offer me joy's water, wherever I am, regardless of circumstance. But if I don't believe God cares, if I don't want or seek the joy He definitely offers somewhere in this moment- I don't want God."
One Thousand Gifts

*Pictures from our front yard. So thankful for the sweet older man who used to live here. He loved to be in the garden and every day there is something new in bloom. It's like an outdoor treasure trove!

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Bloom Where You Are Planted said...

SO beautiful!! Thank you!

Don't you LOVE that book?! I just finished One Thousand Gifts, I am so impacted and left to view God's world in such a different way. What a blessing!