Saturday, April 02, 2011

Work to rest

I've always enjoyed the feeling of having a really hard day of work, especially when you can see the results. Today was one of those days. Andy worked out in the fields and our make-shift greenhouse. I worked inside for most of the day cleaning our house and washing clothes. Meanwhile the kids played in and outdoors enjoying their Saturday as well. Jack even took a kite on to one of the big pastures and enjoyed flying it. We all had a great day except for poor Josh who is sick again. We would love your prayers for our family's health. We think that one of us is a carrier for strep and I plan to find out how we can be tested. There is a possibility that Josh might get his tonsils out this summer, too. This winter has been, by far, the sickest we have ever been. My parents and our neighbors dropped in around dinner time when we were wrapping it all up. We have this old tool shed in the yard that my Dad converted to a screened porch. Well, it's not technically a porch because it's not attached to the house. But it's screened in with lots of rocking chairs and fans. Its a marvelous place to spend a cool spring night. So we just took our meal to the porch and visited while we ate. My parents came by to bring another piece of farm equipment. My Dad is close to retirement age. Although he will probably never retire he is beginning to enjoy the fruits of all of these years of hard labor. For a while he ordered junk from catalogs for fun. He has always enjoyed auctions. And now, since we bought the farm, he enjoys buying farm equipment. Isn't that an interesting past time? We probably have nearly a dozen attachments for the tractor. I should say tractor(s) because he has bought 4 of those. Our barn is about to bust at the seams. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing and we are so thankful. It's just become a running joke as we wait to see what he will bring next. He gets so, SO excited. Tonight he spent a good while explaining to me this new seed dropper thingy and how it works. I have zero mechanical giftedness and zero farm knowledge, but he likes that I am willing to listen. It is pure joy to see my Dad enjoying himself here so much at this stage in his life. He will turn 64 this week and I am so thankful for the move here where we see him multiple times a week!

We are about to sleep soundly knowing that another week's work is done. It feels good to have the house in order for tomorrow. I love the Sabbath like never before because we really need the rest by the end of the week! So far we have stuck to our commitment to rest and worship, as we should, on Sundays. I am really looking forward to it (have I mentioned that yet??)! Some time tomorrow evening two high school friends from our Atlanta youth group will be arriving to spend their spring break with us. Should be a fun week!!

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Kim said...

We will definitely be praying for Josh. An ENT will be able to tell you who the carrier of strep is. All 3 of ours were carries so that is why they all 3 had them removed. I haven't gotten strep since they had their tonsils out!!

Congrats on the job possibility. We will be praying for that too! I definitely would like 1st dibs at buying or borrowing the rest of your Apologia science and Mystery of History books if you do not plan on homeschooling for the next couple of years. I'm excited to use them next year.

Please tell your dad that we said "happy birthday"!!!