Friday, February 04, 2011

Homeschool highlights for November-January

I really wanted to post highlights each month this school year on my blog. But after September, and October I forgot. So here are some highlights from the last few months:

Science projects (Invertebrates)
Bug models::ant farm::butterfly garden::mollusks::clay animals::tadpole
Art projects
Squanto drawing::Giant Swallowtail butterfly drawing::picture study of Dancers in Pink by Degas::Study of the life and music of Felix Mendellsohn:: colored paper snowflakes::Nativity silhouettes::turkey salt dough ornaments::Incan art with pastels::marshmallow/toothpick snowflakes

Field trips/parties

Trip to the art museum for the Dali exhibit::Cookie decorating party with our homeschool group::Thanksgiving party/Operation Christmas Child projects::Natural history museum trip::trip to see the Nutcracker::New Years Eve party::Family/Social Christmas parties::Gingerbread building contest

And the biggest theme of this winter has been laboriously learning upper level math. My sweet 4rth grader has really been stretched. Long division and multiplication have been a challenge. After almost every lesson (which takes 1-2 hours to complete) we talk about his character and what a great man he will be if he learns to work hard and push through something that is difficult for him. I have reminded him gently that Moms and Dads must do this every day to lead their families well. He told a friend of mine the other day, "Mrs. H. I do not like charcter. But it likes me and always finds a way to get to me." So for that reason, I am very thankful for math!

These past few months we have learned a lot. There have been many things going on that have competed with my time and attention. But we have been able to keep up with our school work and have had time for many enrichment activities. Looking forward to this exciting month of February! We have a lot of fun activities on our calendar!! (And SPRING is getting closer! YES!)

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Wendy said...

ugh. we're just getting ready to start long division, and i'm not looking forward to it!