Friday, February 04, 2011


Yesterday after school and piano, the kids and I went here for free play:We were the only ones there, so we acted a fool. I have slide burns on both elbows. When the boys were dripping with sweat I let them take their shirts off. We were after all, the only ones there. But the manager came in and asked them to put them back on. I couldn't even play dumb like I didn't notice. It was pretty obvious.
Oh yeah, and they got in trouble for taking their socks off, too. Oh well. Then I took a wrong turn and it took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to get home. No lie. In 5 o'clock traffic, on the interstates of Atlanta, and it was sleeting with rain and snow mix. That was a challenge. But we made it home just in time for Wipeout. And I didn't have to cook (drive thru). AND we really had fun. And despite the long commute home, the kids are already asking when we can go back! I think I have decided that February is going to be chocked full of field trips. We really needed the fun!

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