Sunday, February 13, 2011

Farmhouse renovations: Jack's room

This week the kids' room will be painted at the farmhouse. I am so excited to be working on their rooms. The boys have shared a room since Joshua turned one! I am particularly excited to decorate a room for my oldest son because he is 10 1/2 and he is starting to want his own space. He is with his siblings 24/7 because of homeschooling and he is such a gracious brother, but I know it will be nice for him to have a place to retreat every now and then.

  • The paint color on the walls is a light blue. To add a little "flavor", there will be a thick white stripe that is painted a couple of feet from the ceiling. Inside the white stripe will be a thin navy stripe. Fun inspiration: poster of Papa from his high school rock band!
  • There is no room for a dresser, so for his folded clothes we are painting a tall file cabinet orange for him.
  • His bedspread/bedskirt are solid navy. And the sheets have green, navy, and orange thin stripes. (Target).
  • With these throw pillows (Land of Nod):

  • I MIGHT buy this rug (Target) to pull all the colors together.
  • The curtains are apple green (Target):
  • The bedside lamp is a blue and silver lava lamp.
  • I am going to paint this little drawer navy and/or white. And we will use a bookshelf we already have.
For the walls:
He was THRILLED to find the old poster of Papa (above). I think I can find a frame around the house for it. I also might frame a book jacket or two to throw in the mix. Maybe a Harry Potter book jacket or Chronicles of Narnia. I could frame dozens, he loves books so much. And I would love to find a movie poster to frame, too. The Blockbuster down the street is closing. Maybe they are giving them away?

I hope I can make a print that is similar to this one to also put in a frame on or above his desk: Also, he loves games and toys that are "vintage". So I got him this vinyl wall decal for above his desk:

His desk might get repainted, or maybe not. It currently looks like this (bright blue and messy). (And we will use his current bookshelf as well.):
He also wants a cork board. So I am either going to keep his current brown bulletin board or buy a long line of these cork strips:

And last, he requested a bean bag. So I am going to look for an orange one. I still have a few things to buy, but it is all coming together in my head. I am hoping the room reflects his favorite things:
Movies (Screenwriting):: Vintage games:: The colors blue, green, and orange::Music
Price list:
Bed/mattress: free
paint: $35
file cabinet: free (from Andy's office)
file cabinet: free (stash of spray paint)
bedspread/shams: $34
bed skirt: $19
sheets/pillowcases: $14 (on clearance)
throw pillows: $45 (shipping included)
curtains: $17/2 panels x2 windows= $34
rods: free (already have these)
lava lamp: $15
bedside table + paint: free (stash)
frames for posters/book jackets/etc: free (shop the house for what we have)
pac-man decal: $40
desk & bookshelf: free
cork board: $30-$40
bean bag: $50
Rug (?): $50
TOTAL: $365 (with rug) or $315 (without rug)

Finished product to come!

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